Saturday, November 5, 2016

Congratulations Jinger and Jeremy!

The wedding of Jeremy and Jinger was today. It was spectacular.
There was a floral theme. Everyone dressed in bright colors and the wedding was held at a beautiful cathedral in Siloam Springs. Jeremy's father was the officiator. Jessa was the Maid Of Honor and looked quite stunning. As you all know, she is with child and she had the most darling baby bump. Jill, Joy Anna, and Jana were bridesmaids, while little Jordyn and Josie were flower girls. Marcus Duggar made an adorable ring bearer.
The ceremony was simple and quaint. It began at 1:00. Jim Bob naturally gave his daughter away and after the ceremony made sure to let the young couple know to be fruitful and multiply!
Jinger was a doll. She looked beautiful. She was a little stressed out about all of the people who had arrived. She wanted the wedding to be smaller, but of course in a family that large, small is never an option!
Joshua was there as well, he didn't really speak to anyone unless spoken to. I can assure you the rumors of divorce are absolutely not true and he and Anna were just as loving with each other as they were on their own wedding day.
Joy and one of her brothers were hanging around a young man... perhaps there is a courtship there? I certainly won't tell!
I did find it a bit odd that a couple of people were wearing flannel and plaid. It simply did not fit with the theme of the wedding, but since this was Jinger and Jeremy's family and friends, I kept my lips sealed.
The bride and groom leave tonight to make way to Austrailia. I am simply excited for them all!!!!

Have a wonderful married life Jeremy and Jonger!