Friday, May 22, 2015

Pray For Josh Duggar!

Josh admitted to molesting five girls.

I know each person and I can assure you nobody is mad at him anymore (except maybe Ben Seewald but that is another story)

So if the girls have forgiven him, if Jesus has forgiven him, why can't everyone else?

He has done nothing since the incidents listed. He is a good man and a good father. Stop trying to ruin his life and get on with yours.




  1. if all is forgiven, why is ben upset with josh? :/ such a sad story, my thoughts and prayers are with the whole family.

  2. Luckily the show is being pulled after this stunt. Glad to see this cult being pulled off the air.

  3. Why should Jesus forgive him?? He has a big mouth about the gays and transgender community but he himself is a predator who attacks little girls
    Even his OWN sisters, disgusting p

  4. Stop trying to cause trouble by putting Ben is upset with Josh. If the family don't want to talk about the supposed fight between Ben and Josh, then why do you think you have the right? Knowing all the rubbish you post on here then this probably isn't true.

  5. Honestly, playing devils advocate here (as a sexual abuse survivor myself) what did his parents expect when they most likely didn't tell him anything about what his body was going through??? You put hormones in a teenage body and don't tell him or teach him anything about them, he's going to explore!!! He's as much a victim of their parenting as his sisters are of him.

    As for Ben, when a husband finds out his wife was molested of a child, of COURSE he's going to be pissed!!! I told my husband soon after we started dating, it's something that husbands need to know so as to avoid accidentally triggering a painful memory. Jessa should have told him well before they got married.

    On another note, how is your newest pregnancy going? As your blog is starting to slow down, I'm assuming that life as a mother to 5? and pregnant with at least one more is starting to weigh on you a bit.

  6. Forgiveness aside, he still committed any number of crimes.The Duggar parents are terrible people who put the continuation of the TV show before the mental (and possibly physical) health of their daughters and -- let's not forget -- at least one other girl.

    And as far as the girls "forgiving" him -- well -- they do what they're told, don't they? Unless one of them some day leaves the religion/family (pretty interchangeable) we'll never know.

  7. You poor woman. I really do not believe you know anyone from the 19 Cult Members and Counting band, and are just an under-utilized fundy housewife seeking a thrill by living thru TLC's faux line up
    You may be controlled to some degree, but obviously not oppressed to the point of having no internet access. People like the Duggars do far more to destroy Christianity than to build it up, with hate, general lack of enlightenment, female oppression/mindless submission, and separationist views. How are you to carry out the Great Commission with such closed minds? How can you be a warrior for Christ when you know so little of the world and remain a helpless, uminformed female? Maybe consider getting a life, an education, a strong interest or vocation, as well as actually reading your Bible and thinking about it independently. God also blesses women with talents (that do not involve reproduction) to be used outside the home. And I know He loves me even though I cut my hair, wear pants, earned a degree, work as much as any man, and listen to modern Christian music.

    What Josh did was wrong and should never be blamed on the victims. He can be forgiven, but his enabling parents (that have shown zero concern for the girls impacted) should have to pay the consequences for not having handled it appropriately, and for sending him to some useless, weirdo camp. He was a minor. They were adults in control (as we well know,"control" is what they do best). Truly, the whole family needs a psych eval.

    I sincerely hope you open your eyes and can escape the Quiverfull Patriarchy

  8. Uh, turns out he has been PRETTY BUSY sinning since molesting his sisters.

  9. "He has done nothing since the incidents listed. He is a good man"

    oh really now?


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