Thursday, January 15, 2015

Our Society Is Addicted To Our Phones

Today I went shopping with a wife of one of my husbands colleagues. My husband hired a sitter for a couple of hours so I could take a break from having a one year old and two newborns. In fact, in the excitement of anticipating the twins, and the holidays, we did forget about dear sweet Matthew's birthday. We did promptly make a cake and have a small celebration once we realized our mistake. Next year will be easier we pray.

Anyway, this woman who we will call Amanda for the sake of keeping things simple, was the one who drove. When we pulled up to a stoplight, she pulled out her phone. When we stopped in the drive through, out came the phone. In line at the store? The phone came out.

At one point we stopped by her house to drop off some things and left again. On the way to our next destination, the tire blew! I whipped out my cell phone and called for help. Meanwhile, Amanda was digging through her purse. "I left my phone at home!" she exclaimed. "Can I use yours to check my Facebook?" I told her my phone was but a simple flip phone with no internet access. Well, you can access the internet, but it is very hard to bring up anything beyond a simple search when you are in trouble. She looked at me like I was crazy. "How do you live without a smart phone!?" she asked. I told her that I never needed one, so I never had one. I use my cell phone for emergencies and to stay in contact with some of my family. That is about all. "Well, what do you DO to pass the time?"

I play with my children.
I blog.
I go for walks.
I pay attention to the people and the world around me.
I read everything in sight. Coke cans, boxes, signs, etc.
I daydream a bit.
I visit with people and make pleasant conversation.

She sat in silence after that. It had me thinking though... our society is in such dire straights when it comes to phones. If we don't have one, we freak out! We can't go five minutes without finding out who texted us which results in many crashes daily, killing others. We can't sit at a stoplight without checking facebook. We can't eat simple meals with our family without fearing of missing something. We need to take the time to be human again. We need to connect with others. We need to quit relying on our phones for everything. We need to stop the deaths due to texting. Whatever is on there when you are driving will be there when you get done driving. It shouldn't be so hard to go an hour without checking your phone.

I felt God was laying this heavy burden on my heart. I felt the need to blog about it today. I dearly hope you all will take it into consideration, put the phone down for five minutes, save a life, or connect with another human being.


  1. You are making progress, sister! And so is Troy; to give you a chance to get out for a bit and have someone look after your kids! Must be the meetings with your pastor and wife; bless their hearts!
    You said that you were serving at a soup kitchen on Christmas Day, which is Matthew's birthday, right? I figured that that was his present; that he got to get fussed over by everyone there. But I'm glad you got him a cake later too. Thankfully he is only 1 and won't remember, and if they see it in photos, he'll never know the difference. Will next year be easier? Well, that depends if there's more babies on the way then or not.
    Glad you were able to help Amanda to think of why she needs to check her phone so often. Is she a Christian too?

  2. I wholeheartedly agree with this post! My husband and I don't have smartphones and have no intention of getting them! As most things, technology is good to a certain extent, but too many people have technology and gadgets that are the center of their lives. God and family is meant to be the center of our lives, not social media!

  3. Ashleigh, OMG, I Think I'm in love with you! Would you even ever consider leaving Troy and running away with me? I could make you so happy. You would have so much more freedom with me. I actually deeply adore and respect women. I guess that to you that means that I'm neither a very good Christian, nor a real Man. But I assure you, I could show what it is to be a real human being, the way that God actually created us. You and your beautiful children could live with me on my estate...our estate in the Hampshires. Please say "YES."

  4. Gosh! I sure hope that "Amanda" doesn't read this blog! What would she think? I also have only a very basic cell phone that I rarely use. It does seem unhealthy and, well, a little weird to me the way that people obsess over their social media devices. I'm not any kind of a Luddite or whatever. I think it's awesome that we have this technology exists. I just think that we should pause for a moment and think about how we're using it and how dependent we've become. It's become like an addiction.

    Just one Question though: Why do you say that God laid a heavy burden on your heart? Are your blog updates divinely inspired? (No hostility or sarcasm intended at all here.) Why can't it just be enough to say that God created you with a mind, a conscience and a heart and you are simply employing those faculties in a responsible way?

    Anyhow, thanks for posting this. I think that this is an important message.


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