Friday, January 9, 2015

Modest Princess

You know, these days we just don't have any good role models for children, especially our daughters. Little girls love princesses, and it seems Disney has the market on that. But look at how they dress! Look at Jasmine, Ariel, Elsa, Belle, and the others. Cleavage, slits, bikini tops, form fitting dresses. Its terrible! Where are the modest princesses?
Then these same princesses defy their fathers, run away, come close to commiting beastiality, change themselves for others. Is this really what we want our daughters to learn?

I have decided to write a book, and I shall title it The Modest Princess. I will publish it and let you all read it. I can't wait to get started, nor can I wait to see what you all think of it!

Much love



  1. I would definitely read your book. Btw.... what ever happened to your friend who lived behind your house?

  2. Snow White, Arielle and Cindarella are terrible examples - because they are mindless, helpless, simpleton females waiting for a man to rescue them. Sound familiar? Merida and Tiana had spunk and work ethic and made something of themselves, independently. Worry more about education and career goals for your daughters rather than holding them back in ankle length skirts as they await a life of servitude to a man you will inevitably choose to "lay seed". Your oppressive, ignorant cult-inspired views make real Christians sick. And if you must get Biblical, take a look at Deborah, or was she redacted from your fundie version of the Old Testament?


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