Sunday, January 18, 2015

Another Dinner Post

Tonight we are having home made blackberry pancakes! Yum!

We also bought a brisket and put it in the crock pot. The brisket should feed us all for a week!

100th post! Hard to believe I have been on this blog for two years. Harder to believe I made it this far. Thanks to all of you who read.


  1. That sounds lovely. A little unhealthy to have pancakes for supper, but not bad to do once in awhile. Was that for Baileigh's belated 5th birthday? How's she doing? Is she still clinging? Sucking her thumb? Looking forward to going to school with her older sisters this fall?
    You made me really want blueberries. Too bad I can't grow them here. So I gotta buy them.

  2. After having read so many of these blogs and so many Comments I must ask the incredibly obvious question: Why is the writing style of "godly-young-widow" so entirely identical to that of Ashleigh?


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