Friday, December 26, 2014


Christmas at home was wonderful. You see, we did not exchange gifts. Instead, we all volunteered in a soup kitchen. Matthew was passed around and adored by all the ladies, while the rest of us served food. It was such an amazing time!

We called our Arkansas friends to wish them the happiest of holidays (Christmas and New Years) and they well wished us back. They seemed a bit perturbed when I told them we were not exchanging gifts this year, instead we were volunteering. They asked if we had plans to visit for the new year, and we said we would consider it.

Tensions have risen since the wedding. It seems our families don't get along like they used to. They understand I had nothing to do with the sudden coverage and they have since forgiven me, but it seems to me that I just do not get along with the parents anymore. Although the eldest children are the ones I am closest to, it is important that I am still close to the parents because they are the ones who have children the same age as mine. The one who is currently pregnant will have her precious boy around the same time my twins are due, so perhaps we will start over and watch as our precious young ones grow up together. It will be a time of love and laughter I am sure.

I hope you all had a safe and merry Christmas, and you all were very happy. I hope you gave plenty, with goodness in your heart.  I hope your Christmas was jolly, and your new years will be everything you need it to be.



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