Monday, November 3, 2014

The Twins

Kymberleigh Dayton and Nathan are due late January/early February. I honestly cannot wait to see the smiling faces of my beautiful baby twins. I enjoy every minute of being pregnant with my sweet ones. My midwife says everything is going smooth, and I should be able to birth at home. My husband is okay with this as long as I have my midwife with me. He cross checked her himself, and he decided she is okay because she told him that if any problems arose, she would have me transported to the hospital. Nothing will happen though, I am faithful that I can deliver my babies at home. It will be bliss.




  1. Will you have any other birth attendants? Maybe the Duggar girls could attend since two babies being born is a lot of work!

  2. Sweetie, please do not spell Kimberly like that. It is just awful! Why would you take a lovely name and butcher the spelling? It's an atrocious way to spell her name. People will make fun of her and statistically people over look people with unique (weird) spelled names. It is a proven fact. There is an entire chapter in the book freakonomics devoted to it. She will constantly have to spell it out for people and correct them when they spell it the way it was intended to be spelled. Also, I'll be praying for a smooth delivery but to say "nothing will happen though" is very ignorant. Only The Lord knows and we cannot be presumptuous and act like we know the future when we don't. Christ is the only one that knows our path. Please humble yourself and remind yourself of that. When we make plans, God laughs.

    1. You are right, I should have said "I pray nothing will happen"

      As for trendy names, should my daughter ever be forced to provide for herself, by the time she is old enough trendy names will be the norm and people will start aching for the Abigail's of the world. I highly doubt in 20 years that it will affect her in any major shape form or fashion.

  3. Really, you should spell it "Neighthan."

  4. Really, Ashleigh, where do you get your girls' names? At least Nathan and Matthew have lovely biblical names, but poor girls! How are they ever going to learn that trendy and Godly are mutually exclusive? Why, my own girls are named Sarah, Martha, Elizabeth, and triplets Anna, Susanna, and Joanna, My boys are named Josiah, Obadiah, Zephaniah, and Luke. I'm pregnant again and we are not quite set on a name, but I'm thinking Ruth for a girl or Hosea for a boy. Do your girls have biblical middle names at least?

  5. Wow! Leave this woman alone on the name issue. I spell my girls names Brookelyn and Ashlee and when they correct people when it is mispelled, the world does not end. What is wrong with 'Leigh' at end of name? I chose 'lee' for Ashlee's name bc 'lee' is my middle name. So ugly what others have said. I pretty much made up the spelling of my first child's name- Brookelyn. We have met other children with same name just spelled differently. I also have a boy- Anderson. And I grew up with a common name but still constantly had go correct people and teachers on spelling of my name - Candice. It is still to this day mispelled as CandAce. I am just appalled how mean people are. If she wanted to name her children after vegetables and spell it 'differently' on top of that, who is anyone to judge or even have an opinion? If you disagree, keep it to yourself! She is pregnant, raising her other children, she doesn't need to read nasty comments. I would be in tears if someone said something so classless and UNchristian like on MY blog especially regarding my sweet children's names. My dear name the twin zucchinileigh and broccolileigh- won't effect anyone! Btw just found your blog and enjoying reading it. Did I read correctly you were married at 13 or did I misunderstand? How old were you when you had your first child? I'm sure if I keep reading you probably disclose this info. And not judging one bit- each to their own. Happiness comes in all forms and there is no one, single path. Also, very neat you know the Duggars. I don't miss the show! They seem like an awesome family. Take care and keep writing and congrats on upcoming twins!

  6. I work in HR. I would never hire a Kymberleigh, or a Brookelyn or Ashlee. Just saying.

  7. Wow! I sure hope your discrimination based on a name gets you FIRED! ^

  8. Its all a big joke people...your wasting your time on an entire blog THAT IS MADE UP FICTION!!!!!!!


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