Saturday, November 22, 2014

Submission And Trust

This, ladies, is why you need to submit as much as you can to your husbands.

My husband complained that I have not been properly submitting to his Authority, so things will soon be changing.

I suppose this has something to do with last week when he told me to buy the Gain liquid detergent, and instead I bought the Purex powder because I am allergic to Gain.

My blog is the only thing I am allowed to have to myself, and even then, my husband will keep a strict eye on it to make sure I am not speaking evil towards him behind his back.

That must have something to do with me telling a friend of mine about the Gain/Purex debate.

I am not to leave the house unless he says so. I am not allowed to make any dinner he does not tell me to make. I am not allowed to buy any food he doesn't pre approve. I am not allowed to do anything except feed and change babies without his permission. I even had to ask for permission to type up a blog post on submission.

He says when Matthew gets older, I am supposed to submit to my own child. He thinks that the age of three will work. Troy trumps Matthew, but Matthew trumps me.

I am telling you all of this so you can see what can happen if you try to make one decision on your own when your husband has told you to do something else.

From now on, we use Gain. And I am not allowed to scratch.


  1. Oh dear, there is an ad for Tide off to the side over there ---->

    I hope you don't get in trouble for that!

    1. Oh my goodness I hope not either! I'm sure if I explain he will understand... although I'm not sure he understands how ads work.

  2. You really aren't even amusing or interesting anymore, deleting you and your blog from my bookmarks.

  3. Hey Ashleigh

    I totally agree with this post! It's so sad when men put you on lockdown because they think you are trying to undermine their authority. But like Michelle Duggar said, do what they want when they want... and never say no to them!

    Speaking of Michelle, I guess you heard she was really mad at you for posting about the wedding, and even madder about the person who commented on your blog spreading those lies about Jessa and Ben. Really, I think she was just mad that all the attention was taken off of her for five minutes. Well anyway, she stormed around for a few days threatening to sue the pants off of you until TLC told her the nondisclosure agreements that everyone signed really couldn't be enforced and that they just scare people into signing them. Then Jim Bob had her Depakote refilled and she was just peachy all over again. Now that she is properly medicated, she forgives you and wishes you the best in life.

    Anyway, great post! Can't wait to see you and the kids in the spring!

  4. So because your husband is a controlling jerk you are supposed to use something he should already know you are allergic to? Wow if you previous set of post wasn't stupid enough this one takes the cake. I sincerely hope you snap out of this I have to be submissive to my husband bullshit because it isn't healthy.

  5. Buy the soap YOU can use. Buy his for his stuff.

  6. Suck it up if you want that special place in heaven for obediant wives.

  7. you DO realize all that crap that's in the bible was written by MEN to keep women "in their place"? You're an idiot.

  8. Will Matthew be allowed to play with guns? If he is, I would say you have 2 years and one month to live. Better get your affairs in order. BTW, what would this mean for Nataleigh and Joshua, especially if their family is now off your property?
    Thanks for the amusement. This can make a REALLY good soap opera.......literally!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA

  9. Your post gave me chills and in the worst way possible. By his decree that you only use a detergent to which you're allergic, it clearly demonstrates that your husband doesn't mind causing you great pain and discomfort. Run, run fast away from this controlling person before he becomes physically abuse to you and your kids! You would not allow someone to do this to your children, so why are you allowing him to do it to you?! You also would not tolerate this from a close friend or relative, so why your husband? By his actions, he holds no respect for you, your children or God. Run and seek help through your community and a supportive church. Work hard on yourself, your worth and value and your self-esteem separate from his controlling and frightening ways! If not for yourself, but for your lovely children!! I'll pray for you that you escape this hell on Earth he has created.

  10. Oh my goodness. I don't know what religion you belong to, but let me tell you I am Christian and believe in the Bible too, and that is SO not how I think the Lord wants us to live. A marriage is supposed to be a partnership, each member in it treated with mutual respect. Different responsibilities does not mean you should become subservient to him. If this is a real account of someone's real life. Please see a counselor, come to recognize this is a horrible environment to raise children in.

  11. just curious.... but if you're having an allergic reaction while pregnant, aren't you concerned about harming your fetuses? why do you go out of the way to avoid fast food, caffeine, and processed food, but willingly harm your body with abrasive laundry detergent? if your husband was a REAL "manly man", wouldn't his main priority be protecting you and your unborn children?!?!?!? rather than knowingly harming you...... sounds pretty WUSSY to me!!!!!!!!

  12. The bible says wives submit to your husbands..... but then it says "Husbands love your wives as Christ loved the church". Its a 2 way street. Christ gave his life for us our Husbands are suppose to love us like that....... it sounds like your husband needs a come to Jesus meeting!

  13. Your husband wants you to not only risk your life but your babies lives in your womb cause he wants you to use Gain? Really?? And he says he is a man!? Ha he is more like a little ant that thinks he is a God. I would dare my man to tell me to use something that i was allergic to. I would tell him to the road and don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya! I was raised to not let anyone not even a man tell me how to live my life. I understand being a good wife to your husband, but there is being a good wife to your man and then being a puppet on strings to your man, he is controlling you so bad, and you either don't see it or don't care. I will pray for you. but i have read a lot of the post you have done, and I'm thinking maybe you are just saying and most likely making up some of it to get people to follow your blog, either way i hope you come to your sense's before something bad happens between you and your husband.

  14. If this is true PLEASE realize the wrong in this. I'm a Christian female myself and I want a husband and children too, but there is a point. The way your husband is acting is representing abusive Muslim men, you know that? The both of you must know that in this time, submissive relationships shouldn't happen, because men today are too power happy. They are not Godly. Female submission is only OK when the husband truly has his family's well being in mind, and is aware of his wife's feelings and her status as a human on Earth. Although we are men and women, we are PEOPLE first. Everyone deserves respect unless they prove they don't deserve it, which you clearly haven't. Obviously in your situation talking to your husband is not very wise so I suggest getting your children away first, then you to a Baptist church, or better yet a attorney's office for help. I know you believe that your husband is right and you love him, but in this case your husband was wrong. I believe God does not want a wife to be harmed obeying her husband who is in the wrong. Please heed my words and consider this for yourself. I will pray for the best happening for you, as I may be wrong.


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