Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Our cat

Our cat has diarrhea and is attacking our feet. Has she gone crazy? Does she have cat scratch fever? She licked my feet the other day...




  1. Cat scratch fever is a disorder in humans from cat scratches.

  2. Yes, she definitely does have cat scrach fever. I would be very careful and pray over this. Was she outside on Halloween by any chance>? Because if she was it may be something more serious, a possible possession? I had a cat who accidently got out on Halloween. We too leave our lights off and go to bed early. I did not know the cat got out- there was a rip in the screen- until she was crying at the door in the morning. She did not act the same since, was running in circles, etc. We prayed about it and think it may have been the work of Satan punishing and testing us for refusing to participate in his Satanic holiday and instead reverting to seeing HIS LIGHT and LOVE! My husband prayed over this. Usually he gets a response from the Lord within 48 hours if we stay quiet in the house. The LORD told him to pray and make a ring of garlic, and put a drop of Dawn dishwashing detergent in the water bowl. Thankfully he was back to normal within 80 hours or so. We were so thankful to Him as the children love the cat (this was when the girls were young). We would have been heartbroken if we had to let him go, but accepted it may have been God's will.
    It is probably cat scratch fever but I will pray for your cat.
    Light and Love,
    Mary (we met at the Duggar wedding)

  3. These comments are hilarious!! DO people really believe this stuff? Lol omg

  4. This website gave me diarrhea. And I've been licking my husband's feet. Do I have cat scratch fever?

  5. Hello, my mom had cat scratch fever, she caught it from a feral kitten. Kittens are usually the carriers and do not display any symptoms, they pass on the bacteria to humans by scratching. I wouldn't worry about it unless your cat was still young and and outdoor cat and had scratched or bitten you or a family member. If your cat continues to have diarrhea please take him/her to the vet. Good luck!

  6. lol!! this is great!

  7. Sometimes our church has a pet blessing day. We can bring our pets on that Saturday for a fun day of fellowship and a blessing. Of course sometimes there is trouble when our minister's pit bull gets loose and the cats are out. But maybe you could ask someone to bless your cat?

    I have heard that essential oils can help many things in people and maybe animals. I read that Jana Duggar used essential oils to help someone with a cough.

  8. FYI for anybody interested, this isn't how Christians actually function. This is obviously a blog to poke fun of Christians. If she is a christian, she has been severely missed informed.


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