Tuesday, November 4, 2014

My Daughter Wants An iPhone

Apparently, all of the other nine and ten year olds in Nataleigh's class have iPhones, so now she wants one. I tried to explain to her that she is far too young, and she kept pushing. Then I tried to tell her that materialism is not a pretty thing. That made her mad. I told her that she does not need an iPhone, and she proceeded to insist that she did because everyone in school was going to make fun of her otherwise.

Where did this diva child come from? Why is my lovely, normally compliant daughter acting out like this? Is Christian school really doing this to her?

I guess I could always do like my parents did... if you want it bad enough, you can work for it!




  1. I think earning it makes them appreciate it more. But there are many Christian apps like ones that help you memorize Bible verses or parables. She could also use the calendar program to help schedule her day and chores. Maybe if you told her all of THESE things you would have her do with an iPhone she might change her mind!

  2. It's probably not so much that the kids will actually make fun of her (beyond questions like why don't you have one, you should get one, look at how much fun we're having texting each other or playing games, etc.), but more that she will feel left out of an "important" trend at her school. It has nothing to do with her school being a Christian school or not. Kids that age start having a strong desire to fit in with their peers, be "normal", and to have everything to be "fair". It's a developmental period that all (or almost all) kids go through, and it should start to fade as she gets into her mid teens or so.

    Maybe you could have her work towards earning the phone? She will probably take better care of it if she earns it herself anyway. Some pay as you go phone services now offer iPhones, so you wont have to be stuck with a big contract if you don't want to be. If you really don't want her to get the phone now, consider encouraging her to save up and you'll let her get one in middle school or in x years or whatever you feel comfortable with. I got my first phone at age 11 in 6th grade because I had to start riding the bus and my parents wanted to make sure I had a way to contact them if something went wrong or I accidentally got off at the wrong stop, etc.

    Good luck!

  3. She's too young for an iPhone but you wanted to marry her off at 13? You are seriously lacking in good judgment.

  4. I am complete agreement there Anonymous. You can be married off at 13, but hell fire and damnation you WILL NOT have an iPhone. What the???

  5. Please, for the sake of that sweet child's soul, pull her out of school! All of my children are homeschooled, and we don't have any kind of cell phones, or internet, or even a computer at home! (I check in on this blog at the library, out of deep concern for a fellow Christian.) Our days are spent in homeschool, prayer, Bible study, and chores as we cheerfully do the work of the Lord.


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