Saturday, November 22, 2014

How Long Is Long Enough?

How long should your hair be? Should it be past your shoulder blades? Is shoulder length hair long enough to be considered "long"?

Baileigh has asked if I would cut her hair. It is currently to her waist. She is always getting it tangled, which isn't her fault she is only a child. I can't envision cutting it all the way off, or a cute chin length bob. I need it to be long enough to still be pleasing to the Lord.

Maybe I should just braid it daily and pin it to the top of her head when she is playing?


  1. To the shoulder or a bob either way she will still look like a girl

  2. According to 1corinthians 11;1-16 uncut hair is long hair. Hair grows different for each persons genetics some will grow and grow while others will stop at shoulders.


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