Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Hello world!


This is Ashleigh's niece, Whitleigh. Yes, yes, I know, laugh now, my name is the name of a primary school in Britain =.= Anywhooo, I'm 14 years-old and a total loser ;n; I am currently on Auntie-Ash's computer so I can play on tumblr and I clicked over to this tab when she wasn't looking  o u o; I hope I don't get it trouble T.T

Do any of you have an awesome Auntie like me??

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  1. Hello Whitleleigh, When I read your post I was shown a light and heard a calling from on high. I follow your dear aunt and uncle and with such strong convictions they are raising the kind of family I desier. Surely you have similar quality and I was wondering if you, your paremts, mostly your father, could take some time praying about me and see if you hear a similar calling? I would be honored to enter into a courtship where I can make you mine and we can raise 5 wonderful children together to further the kingdom.


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