Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Children these days are troubled miscreants... through no fault of their own! Their parents just don't know how to properly raise a child.

Here's what I believe. The world today teaches kids that it is okay to sin. The first thing we do is teach that addiction is a good thing. I have heard marijuana called a gateway drug, but there's one that comes before that, and we introduce it to our own children... Caffeine. You probably think I am crazy, but caffeine is a drug. Itseasily addictive, and we give our children soda and coffee from a very young age. And if we don't, we drink it ourselves which tells children "This is okay to drink when I am bigger." So they start drinking it later because"Mommy and Daddy drink it." Then, we are shocked when our children turn to methamphetamines.

Secondly we promote sexual promiscuity. We get pregnant out of wedlock and wind up with deadbeat baby daddies. Our children grow up thinking this is normal, so the cycle repeats.

We teach stealing is right. How many times have you used a wireless internet connection without your neighbors knowledge? Or used one at a restaurant without even buying a drink? Walked out of the store with something you forgot to pay for in your cart? That is stealing.

It is our fault when our kids turn out bad. So think before you act. Your children are watching you.


  1. My husband allows me to operator an herbal pharmacy out of our garage so he can have money for his monster trucks. We make our own cough syrups and mouthwashes. I don't want my little ones getting drunk on Listerine and Nyquil. All of our products contain ingredients specifically placed in our backyard by God. I simply refuse to let big corporations turn my little babies into future alcoholics.

  2. What's the matter? You couldn't think of anything else to write? Children have ALWAYS been "troubled miscreants". Since you are a (misguided) believer that the bible is actual, factual history, you do understand the first troubled child was Cain when he killed Abel killed Abel. How about Jacob? He committed fraud against his brother. They didn't use caffeine, or do drugs, just plain old-fashioned jealousy was their problem.

    Personally, I would much rather my kids drink a cup of coffee, have straight A's in Honors courses, and be productive members of society than be "drug-free" and defraud someone or kill a sibling.

    Also, "anonymous" (I love how these losers hide behind this moniker) "operators" an herbal pharmacy out of her garage? Operator is a noun stupid. You ARE an operator. You OPERATE something. The word operate is a verb. Maybe you people should go to real school where you can be taught the English language and not create more misfits such as yourselves.

    And this "prove you're not a robot thing", what would people say if they knew you were taking photos of their homes to show their addresses? Someone is bound to recognize a house. You could think of something else. But then it seems a good many of your readers are robots.

    1. Maybe you should go back to school, because the "prove you're not a robot" is not mine, its the normal captcha for most Blogger websites, and they all use the same houses and numbers.

    2. I find it interesting that's what you decided to comment on and not the actual content. That alone says a lot about you.

    3. You are right, Children have always been miscreants, but I still stand by that is no fault of their own. Sin came into the world before Cain and Abel were born, and perhaps it is instead Satan's fault for bringing in jealousy and hatred and fraud, for tempting God's people. Or perhaps the whole thing is Adam and Eve's fault for disobeying God? Even then though, Satan tempted them, just as he tempted Cain, and Joseph, and Jacob.

    4. Satan?! Really??? I guess you and your children were perfect, but you actually think Satan took them over every time they did something wrong??? "Quick! Call the exorcist! Little Johnny didn't put his toys away when I told him to!"

      "God's people" were the Israelites - Jews, NOT Christians, and certainly not gentiles. Don't inflate your standing by calling yourself one of "God's people".

      Did you ever notice that when Cain killed Abel, God put a mark on Cain "so no one else would harm him"? Who are these other people? If Eve was the first woman (and you people believe that the ENTIRE human race came from Adam and Eve...incest ewwww) where did the other women come from? Who did Cain marry? HIS SISTER???? Keep in mind that there is nothing biblical about any other option...

      You know, there are some very big holes in the who is going to heaven theory. Before Jesus, does that mean everyone went to hell? What about the poor innocent people who have never and will never (through NO fault of their own) hear about Jesus? Why would God send them to hell? Makes no sense unless God is a horrible, vindictive being (which he has shown himself to be many times throughout the Old Testament, which was written for the Israelites and not Gentiles of any manner)

    5. OHHHH MY GAHH! This comment made my night. Thanks, Valerie! I don't know what is better- the fact Valerie doesn't understand what a "satire" blog is, or the fact she believes Ashleigh is out taking photos of random houses to use as Captcha. Ashleigh...you can photos of my house ANYTIME because I think I'm in love with you. You're literally my world right now.

    6. Valerie, proofread your own posts before criticizing someone else's grammar as I believe you aren't perfect. Your hatefulness is also just horrible. You must be terribly unhappy in your own life to spew such nastiness over a blog.

  3. Cain married an ape, of course, and it is from their offspring that the human race evolved. Sheesh! Talk about not paying attention in home school? And Satan is real - as a Satanist, my faith tells me that Satan is real because he lives in my heart.

  4. Or like when you lied and signed the forms saying you were homeschooling your daughters when you were bragging about not teaching them anything academic?

  5. And what are fundamentalists teaching their children?



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