Sunday, November 23, 2014

And Now My Music

My husband has taken away my music, one of the few joys I have in life. He says anything with a one TWO three FOUR beat is bad, and I must only listen to ONE two THREE four beats. I'm not entirely sure he understands the concept of that, considering some of the music he left in and some of the music he threw away. I really think he just wants me to stop listening to music all together. Because of this, I also cannot participate in choir or even go to church lest I hear something with the wrong beat.

On another note, I am on Twitter.

And you all complained that my facebook was down, so I went in and fixed it.

Try that, see if that works better.

Love to you all



  1. You have free will and the ability to make your won choices in life, if you choose to be obediant to your husband's every demand I don't know why you would even complain about it. You reap what you sow.

  2. I'm not knocking your beliefs; I don't necessarily agree with them, but you gotta do what you gotta do. With that said, it bugs me that your husband is so controlling that he controls what laundry detergent you use. This is a form of domestic abuse, and I'm afraid that it will eventually kill you. This progresses into physical domestic abuse and may prove fatal to you. What good will you be to your kids if you are dead and your husband is in jail for your murder? Just sayin'. One of my best friends left an abusive marriage, and I am really happy for her. It was tough for her at first, but she not only saved her life, but she also saved her five kids' lives as well as her ex-husband. (While I hate his actions, I still think his life was worth saving.) Just please think about what I'm saying, as I'm not only concerned for you but also your kids. If you don't care about yourself, please care about your kids.

  3. I am surprised that you are able to continue this blog with HIS approval. I am sorry, I am not a follower of your beliefs, however, I find your post's to be disturbing to say the least . The fact that you have no problem making statements to the world that are clear abusive in nature, leads me to believe that you are need of some therapy. I came across your blog in error one day and am in disbelief that woman choose to live this way. My opinion only. I feel that you are brainwashed and in need of help.

  4. I sincerely hope that this blog is a satire of religious extremism. If it is not, then I suggest to you Ashleigh to seek help as you are in an disgustingly abusive relationship. Even in my brief survey of your blog I have found that your spouse subjects you to emotional, psychological, and economic abuse, as defined below.

    Instilling or attempting to instill fear
    example: intimidation, threatening physical harm to self, victim, and/or others, threatening to harm and/or kidnap children, menacing, blackmail, harassment, destruction of pets and property, mind games, stalking

    Isolating or attempting to isolate victim from friends, family, school, and/or work example: withholding access to phone and/or transportation, undermining victim's personal relationships, harassing others, constant "checking up,” constant accompaniment, use of unfounded accusations, forced imprisonment

    Undermining or attempting to undermine victim sense of worth
    example: constant criticism, belittling victim's abilities and competency, name-calling, insults, put-downs, silent treatment, manipulating victim's feelings and emotions to induce guilt, subverting a partner's relationship with the children, repeatedly making and breaking promises

    Making or attempting to make the victim financially dependent
    example: maintaining total control over financial resources including victim's earned income or resources received through public assistance or social security, withholding money and/or access to money, forbidding attendance at school, forbidding employment, on-the-job harassment, requiring accountability and justification for all money spent, forced welfare fraud, withholding information about family running up bills for which the victim is responsible for payment.

    PLEASE SEEK HELP your life has value, you don't have to live like this, it can be better.

  5. Your satire is going a little overboard lately. The trick is to keep it relatively believable.


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