Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Throw Together Dinner

Tonight, we didn't have much in the house. Well, we had a lot of things, but nothiing that goes together and makes a nice meal. So I improvised!

Throw Together Dinner

I took some fish from the bottom of the freezer and spread some roasted garlic hummus on it. I laid it in the bottom of my pans, and preheated the over to 350

Next I took the rest of my black eyed peas and sprinkled them on top until there was a single layer across the pan. I then did the same with green peas, broccoli, and corn. Finally, I took some sliced cheese and laid it on top, and put it in the oven for 20 minutes. when it came out, I mixed it all together so the fish and cheese made its way in through the veggies

It came out wonderful. There was a nice even flavor of garlic and cheese. My youngest daughter hates veggies and fish, but she couldn't even taste the veggies or fish!

I will definitely have to make this again!


  1. I'm really bad at throwing together meals so this is really impressive to me! Sounds delicious too! :)

  2. Ohh! sounds delicious. Maybe next time use picture. I wanna see how good it looks. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Here's my recipe:

    -- Take some fish out of the freezer, lay it on a pan.
    -- Smear hummus over the fish.
    -- Sprinkle with broccoli, corn, blackeyed peas.
    -- Lay a few slices of cheese on top.
    -- Toss this pile of crap in the garbage and head for McDonald's.

    Works for us every time.

  4. Sounds disgusting

  5. YUM! We tried this last night, but used:

    Salmon (not sure if you used white fish)
    Hominy (we didn't have corn)
    Green Beans
    Mexican Four Cheese Blend

    It came out very green colored, and a little "soupy" but the spicy cheese masked the fishy flavor. I sprinkled Fritos on top of mine to add some crunch.

    Next time, we're going to try it with canned tuna and cube steak!


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