Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Life Of A Working Woman

Now see, I find this sad.

I know a lady who decided to start working within the last year or so. She currently has five sons, three of whom are grown adults, and two whom are still teenagers, ages 16 and 17. She seems to love her job, but her family is SUFFERING. Her boys, all five of them, are acting out in rebellion. One moved far far away, another went overseas, another married a prostitute, and the other two are back talking, roll their eyes kind of people. I feel so sad, its so obvious that her children are hurting, but she wont stop working. Her marriage is bound to fall apart soon what with the stress the boys are putting on them because their mother isn't staying at home cooking and cleaning.

Just pray for her please. Pray that she sees the light. I wont give a name, just pray for all the working women who have lives and families coming apart.



  1. Why did she take a job?

    Maybe her minister can sit her down and counsel her.

    Maybe one of the young men could be paired and married to a GODLY woman who could move in and be the manager of the house as the mother should be doing. If the mother sees this, she might be shamed and realize what she has done.

    I think humility is what is lacking here. The woman needs to humble herself and open her eyes to the problems. She needs to see that GOD has trusted her skills to manage the house and that is where her calling is.

    After she realizes her error, you must allow her another chance. I hope her family forgives her, too, because I know GOD will.

  2. I think you must be careful not to judge the son that married a prostitute. Remember that Jesus called Mary Magdalene one of his followers even though she was a prostitute. I have heard that some people believe there are missing books of the Bible that say Jesus even married her but of course that isn't true. But He still loved her as his follower.

    Maybe that son is trying to show the prostitute that she can still be loved even though she's made sinful choices. Maybe he's trying to show her Christ's special love. If she is still selling herself, maybe she is not doing it as much.

  3. Y'all are ridiculous. There is nothing wrong with a woman working. Get over it

  4. God told Hosea to marry a prostitute.

  5. Laughing all the laughs at you. I used to work outside the home before I had kids. I work now, but IN THE HOME! Imagine that Splashleigh! I am a freelance writer and do it from home and make a fine living and my children do not lack in attention or anything else. I can work when I want and the hours I want. You are such a stupid woman. What about a single mom who lost her husband and had to work? Is she destroying her family? Probably in your mind. Your are all kinds of messed up.

    1. Why are you calling me Splashleigh?

      Working at home is fine because you are home with your children. I think if a single mother chooses to work, she needs to bring her mother or another Godly woman in the home to care for the children and teach them right from wrong.

  6. Wow; just wow. My mom started working casual when my youngest sibling was in school all day. It was only for school hours, though, so she was still home when we were. It gradually got to more as we all got older and more independent, and able to do what we needed to take care of ourselves, and more full-time once my youngest sibling was of age.(2 of us were getting ready to be married at that time) And she was a stay at home mom until her youngest sons were teenagers? By then foundations would already have been laid if she was being an involved stay at home mom. How did she decide to work again? Did her husband ask her to, in order to help send their sons to college or get good starts as adults?(or even get their drivers licenses; that can be expensive on the vehicles) Were her sons asking her to so they can be more independent? It's hard to know all the facts, isn't it? But I'm sure they thought that her working would help their sons to learn to be men. Which comes with differences in communication.
    Oh, btw, can you PLEASE define back-talk for me? I looked it up and thought it was responding negatively to a command, or generally being disrespectful. I had differences with a previous boss because of different definitions. Learning to communicate as parents with teens and young adults is difficult; it's a transition to an adult-adult relationship.Which maybe the adult sons found impossible and that may be why they moved away.

  7. Before passing judgement on someone, do you know their entire situation? Why place ALL of the blame on the mother? Yes, the bible says one thing, true. But also look at the context and interpretations of that very same book. When it was written, society dictated what a woman's place was. As humanity has progressed, so too has perceptions and views on the world and our places in it. Many women find that taking jobs outside of the home is unavoidable due to ecconomic circumstances. The problem in a marriage is NOT solely ONE PERSON'S fault. Marriage is a partnership, and as such should be treated and viewed as one. If this woman is actually having relationship issues with her spouse first and foremost is IS NOT YOUR BUSINESS. Are you married to her spouse? Are you married to her? It would be one thing if she came to you for advice, but again it is her own judgement whether or not to take that advice and apply it. Also, what works for you may not work for her. What works for her may not work for you. We are all individuals with free will and the ability to determine our own decisions in life. Good and bad. For that matter, what is seen as good or bad by one person may be the total opposite of another person. While there are viewpoints in the world we cannot even begin to comprehend, they make perfect sense to someone on this spinning ball of dust we call Earth. While there are things in this world we feel we cannot condone due to moral, ethical, and/or religious concerns and objections, that does NOT give us the right to dictate how another person is living and leading their lives. You can show a man how to fish, madame, but you cannot force him to fish. You can present a logical argument to someone, but you cannot force them to accept it.
    And while I cannot change your mind, and while I do not agree with everyone and their opinions and beliefs, and this world is so totally imperfect and filled with so much misunderstanding, I will defend to my last breath someone's right to live their life and make the decisions they feel are best for them and their own situations.
    I pray that someday, you break out of your limited world view and gain a compassionate understanding of human nature.

  8. I hope you realize that there are plenty of women who work outside the home and believe it or not have families that are thriving, husbands that support them and children that are well behaved. Many of these woman also have very happy marriages.

  9. This is going to blow your mind.... I am a woman, a strong independent woman who is married, I work 55 hours a week, I make the big bucks, and my husband stays home and takes care of the house, we have been together for 10 years, been doing it this way the entire time, never have had one issue, foolish leaving your house once a week, I feel sorry for you.

  10. I really am not sure what to think about this- actually if I am to be honest I am crying as I type this because I sometimes wonder if people really care or just like to judge others and offer up their sympathies through the guise of prayer- I AM a "Stay At Home Mom" - I also Home School..... However, when I worked my children were just fine- I worked on off hours and made sure that my husband was home...... Long story short, I was injured while at work and was declared "disabled" (Before anyone starts yelling) NO I do not receive any assistance.... We barely scrape by and are actually are fighting a foreclosure on our home. I HURT..... I NEED PRAYER and I surely do NOT need "JUDGMENTS passed over me....... I have to wonder if folks who do pass judgments on (like you did to this lady) ever think about their side of the story- do they truly know how much their soul aches, do you realize she probably (as I do) goes to bed crying to the Lord every night begging for mercy and help? Instead, WE as Christians FAIL each other with condemnations like this- you don't know her- you don't know me- and I sincerely PRAY you never know the PAIN that she (or) I are walking through- God Bless You Sister, PLEASE don't be so quick to judge-

  11. This is a parody site. Do not take it seriously.

  12. I just went back to work after being a stay at home mom for 2 1/2 years. It's been 3 weeks and I notice that everything and everyone in the house is suffering. Everyone is so used to me doing everything that now they refuse to help at all. So I work a full time job, come home, hurry up and cook because if dinner isn't ready when my husband gets home he will freak out cause he is sooooooo hungry, I do the laundry, I give my 2 1/2 a bath and get her ready for bed and im the last one to bed. When my toddler wakes up in the middle of the night, I have to try to get her back to bed (which can take an hour) I do everything. I'm at my breaking point, I cant be a housewife/mom and a workingwife/mom . I cant do both without help. It's depressing!!

    1. Where's your husband? Busy freaking about not having dinner ready when he gets home? Ask him to help.

  13. I work outside my home a full time job while my husband works out of town 4 days a week. My children are not neglected they are very respectful and go to public school. We have family meals when we can, celebrate Halloween and honestly we rarely go to church. So I'm not sure how your point can even be valid when its nothing but an offensive judgemental opinion. If you would like me to get all "godly" then doesnt the bible say god is the only one who should judge? Maybe you should prey for help with your judgmental habits

  14. I am 20 years old, and I just got married a little over a year ago to my high school sweetheart. I work everyday from eight to four, and im a full time student studying to be a special education teacher.
    I come home the same time as my husband and when we get home one of us cooks and one of us
    cleans sometimes we do it together. Not once has
    either one of us suffered because I work. My dad
    always taught me to be independent which is
    something you happen to say women can't be. He
    always said I needed to get a good job and go to
    school so I didn't have to depend on anyone and
    thats exactly what I did, and I can assure you my
    husband isn't lacking of anything. I think the only one negletting the needs of her family is you.


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