Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Life Of A Working Woman

Now see, I find this sad.

I know a lady who decided to start working within the last year or so. She currently has five sons, three of whom are grown adults, and two whom are still teenagers, ages 16 and 17. She seems to love her job, but her family is SUFFERING. Her boys, all five of them, are acting out in rebellion. One moved far far away, another went overseas, another married a prostitute, and the other two are back talking, roll their eyes kind of people. I feel so sad, its so obvious that her children are hurting, but she wont stop working. Her marriage is bound to fall apart soon what with the stress the boys are putting on them because their mother isn't staying at home cooking and cleaning.

Just pray for her please. Pray that she sees the light. I wont give a name, just pray for all the working women who have lives and families coming apart.


Going To The Dentist!

Today we took Nataleigh to the dentist. Now, before you blow up about how I don't like doctors, I want you to stop for a moment.

We were born with teeth. Our teeth help us to eat and chew and do all sorts of wonderful things. Without teeth, life would be hard and difficult. We strive in having healthy happy teeth!

If something happens to a childs teeth, I am perfectly willing to take them to the dentist to fix it. After all, the world loves when you have a pretty smile! We have spent massive amounts of money fixing teeth at this house.

There is a darker side to dentistry. See, sometimes the dentist tells you to just yank the tooth out. Get it over with. Absolutely not! My daughters will never have dentures because they will learn that they need to take care of their teeth and save them at all costs. God GAVE us teeth! We need to keep them sparkling for Him!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Lazy Parenting

While I was out and about the other day, I saw a woman and a child. The child looked to be around two years of age. She wore a cute backpack. Unfortunately for this child, there was a leash on the back. Not JUST a leash mind you, the other end was clipped to her mothers belt, so the mother had her hands free and didn't have to watch her precious baby.

When I take my children out, they all MUST hold the side of the buggy or my hand, or their sisters hand. We must all stay connected to each other. Anyone who does NOT obey and lets go, or runs off, is immediately and swiftly punished. By the time Nataleigh was two, she was holding my hand the rare occasions we had to go anywhere.

Other forms of lazy parenting include

Not watching your child at the park and playing on your phone instead. Children are to be cherished. I would not want to see one be kidnapped because I was looking at my phone for an hour. Facebook is not important.

Letting your child out in public with a dirty face.

Forcing your child to do all the heavy handed work of caring for an infant. Nataleigh loves to help me with Matthew, but I DO NOT let Matthew sit in a dirty diaper until Natty goes to change him, because that is MY responsibility, not hers. Frankly, if I relied on my nine year old daughter to take care of her brother for more than thirty minutes while I cook dinner, nothing would ever be done. Now, before anyone harps on me for leaving my children at home alone, that is the girls. If I leave, Matthew goes with me. Natty won't have any real responsibility for watching him until he turns two. And even then, I am the mother, and I cannot be passing all of my children off on my oldest to let her take full responsibility. I leave the house once a week to go shopping.

Letting your child Cry It Out. I don't believe in this. I do believe in sleep training, but cry it out is not the way to go. It hurts my heart to hear my precious babies cry.

Letting your child do whatever he wants, whenever he wants. Your child hits and kicks and \screams and you do nothing about it? You coddle him and tell him in a simpering tone "Calm down Johnny" and then he bites you, and you chuckle and say "Boys will be boys!" Absolutely not! You discipline that child and make sure he never does it again! Whether you are a spanking parent or a non spanking parent, there are a thousand ways to discipline your child. 

Bed sharing. If you cannot get up in the middle of the night to attend to your baby, who should be sleeping on a separate surface from you, whether thats a crib by the bed, or in a completely different room, then that is lousy parenting at its finest. How do you think so many babies die? Daddy rolls on them, mommy smothered them with her boobs, something! Its so much safer to be near mommy, in a separate sleeping area.

Letting your children under 13 wander the streets in the neighborhood. I know a woman who lets her kids run rampant. They are allowed to go where they please as long as they are home by 7. It wasn't always this way. She let all of her children, including her babies, wander the streets all hours of the day and night! Then, one day a neighbor called the cops on her and now she makes them all come in at 7, but they still roam the streets during the day. 

Riding bikes with no protective gear. You must make your children wear their helmets, kneepads, and elbow pads! If they fall off their bikes and die because you didn't protect them, you will feel like a sorry mother or father... as you should!

Thats all I have for today. Love you all!


Sunday, September 7, 2014

Chicken Pox Party!

Nataleigh contracted a nasty bout of chicken pox from a child at school. I was a little concerned at first... my children don't usually get sick! Then, after doing some research, I decided to house a chicken pox party! We invited all of the little children from first through third grade, then  we had home made ice cream cake, a pinata, and more! It was a lot of fun, and we had a splended time. All of the mothers that came were grateful, now they don't have to get their children vaccinated!

I'm going to start looking around for a mumps party and more childhood illnesses so we can all go and become naturally immunized against these illnesses!

Much love and prayer,


Thursday, September 4, 2014

On Tumblr!

I have tumblr now! Join me at I can't wait to see all of your lovely smiling faces over there!