Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Thank you my lovely readers for reading my blog and sharing it with others! Thank you to those who don't understand my life who read and share with others.

I have a had a huge jump the past few months since I shared my perspective at Jill's wedding. I will be attending Jessa's as well. I simply adore those Duggars! Perhaps I will have as many children as they?

Thank you all who read, no matter what you believe.

I love you all!


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  1. Wow; so invitations are out already? I've seen the date November 1 tossed around on other websites, but was waiting for it to be confirmed. So, when the show comes back on on September 2, do you think we'll see you and your kids?
    I assume your doctor or midwife said it'd be okay to travel with being pregnant with twins? After all, you'll be about halfway by then.
    You're absolutely right; I would not have found your blog had it not been for your post about Jill's wedding. Who knows; maybe you'll meet more readers in person. Wish I could, but I don't even live in the US

    1. Yes, the invitations are out. I do think you will see us when the wedding airs, but one can never be too sure about those things! I wore a simple light blue dress, and my girls wore pink.

  2. Your FB link doesn't work...are you still on FB?

  3. Hilarious site! At least, I think so. But, then again, I always used to love me some MAD magizine.

  4. Hilarious site! But, then again, I always did love me some MAD magizine.


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