Friday, August 22, 2014

Life Goes On

Today has been a normal run of the mill day. Nattie and Kailiegh went to school. Kaileigh came home with an A on her math homework... I am so proud of her. Nataleigh didn't want to share her grade, but thats okay.

Baileigh played with her dolls today. She likes to pretend to be Mommy. She can't wait to go to school  like the big girls do.

My precious little Matthew is eight months old. He is truly a blessing to me. He has started cruising around on furniture, and is becoming a big boy!

The twins are doing well. I felt them moving around today. So exciting!

I guess thats really it. I just wanted to check in and let everyone know how its going.

Much love to you all.



  1. I was just wondering if you let your daughters change your son's diapers? I know the Duggar boys were not allowed to watch their little sister getting changed. Do your beliefs allow older sisters to see their baby brother?

    1. Yes, I see no reason not to. My daughters will one day have to change their own sons diapers. Its not like they are seeing their little brothers genetalia when he is much older.

  2. Thanks for the update. I hope to see more. Did you hear the news on the Duggars? Jill is pregnant too! I'm sure you and her are comparing notes and being excited in sharing. And since you're having one of each, chances are, one of your twins could be a match for her baby!
    Do you think you folks will be invited to Jessa and Ben's wedding too? That would be so exciting. So many opportunities to find your children's future spouses; or at least give them good friends to play with. Even if they only get to play occasionally, and the rest of the time be pen pals or e-mail pals.
    Have a great day, sister


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