Saturday, July 5, 2014


I just learned I don't have to go shopping anymore!

There is a way to order organic food online, and have it shipped right to my door! This is incredible! Some stores will allow you to look up the various food items and then ORDER it to come right at your door! My weakness is Quaker Oats Apples and Cinnamon. I looked, and WalMart will  ship it right to my door! Oh happy day! Now I can stay home and tend to my garden, and watch my children grow, and never worry about a thing again!

My husband thinks this idea is grand. He says I leave the children alone too often, and this will make for a better way of life for all.


  1. That costs a hell of a lot of extra money!!! I know from experience. If you are a one-income family and trying to be frugal this is not the way to do it. I call you lazy and you must have the money rolling in to afford organic in the first place. Laughing all the laughs at you!

    1. My husband makes excellent money. I do not care about being frugal when it comes to food, because I want only the BEST for my children. Part of which is why we are starting our own farm, so we buy less food from the store, and do more in terms of feeding ourselves. And NOTHING is truly organic unless you raise it yourself.

  2. No big deal people spend $100 easy at walmart. If you spend $50 (I think that's the amount) than shipping is free so woopty do LOL DID U KNOW that u can buy a casket and have it delivered on the walmart site too! Trippy! I would assume they don't do any fresh produce altho in some big towns stores will do that too. -smiley


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