Monday, July 14, 2014

Thumb Sucking!

Baileigh is almost four. I'm not sure how it got started, but she sucks her thumb... a lot.

I thought maybe some of you would have a small child who needs a little help and guidance with the thumb sucking department.

First, we look at Baileigh and say sternly "THUMB!" The thumb comes out of her mouth. Clearly, she understands she should not suck her thumb.

The next time, I look at her and tell her to remove her thumb. She does.

The third time, I walk up to her and yank her thumb out of her mouth. This is done two or three times.

Finally, if she still hasn't stopped, when I yank her thumb out, I smack her hand. This is only used as a last resort, and usually does the trick when all else fails.


  1. She sucks her thumb out of comfort due to your abusive home and smacking and throwing your kids around and locking them in closets. What you described in your post about how you get her to stop is harsh and uncalled for. Period!

  2. Sucking her thumb is a comfort thing. Most children do it at lwast once in their lives. There is no need to smack her geez.

  3. Sucking a thumb is a comfort. Do not smack her. Then she just needs more comfort.

  4. There are some delightful German Cautionary tales called "Struwwelpeter " they are written by a psychiatrist case Heinrich Hoffman. One story is called "The Story of little Suck-A-Thumb" there is a character named The Great Tailor who goes around and snips the thumbs of little children who refuse to obey thier parents and suck thier thumbs! The illustrations are delightful as well. I am pretty sure there are online free versions of this. After reading the story to your child just say "snip snip" and surly the message will be gotten!

  5. When I had a daughter who I felt needed to stop sucking her thumb, what I did was I allowed her to only suck her thumb if she was on her bed. So if she truly needed it for comfort, she was allowed to go to her bed, and I did not at all shame her for that. In fact, sometimes I would go snuggle with her on the bed to talk about what was going on with her. But sometimes she was just sucking out of habit, so when I'd say "thumb sucking is only allowed in bed!" she's just stop sucking and go on with playing.


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