Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Cult Of Fast Food

Americans are so dumb and naive.
We are told on a constant basis that faster is better.
We are told regularly that we should always be in a rush.
We are told in multiple situations that eating out would be faster, easier, cheaper.
We are a nation of convenience.
Women are told they don't have to cook for their families.

These are lies being told by powerful people, to try to lure you in to obesity, laziness, and never having enough money.

These people run the restaurants, have all the big money. They are leaders of a cult! The cult of fast food!

You spend all your money on fast food, when it would be so much cheaper and healthier to make your own food. It is so much BETTER for you to cook your own food! It strengthens family bonds to have a home cooked meal together.

The cult leaders do not want you to know this. They want your heart, soul, and your money! They want to tear your children away from you. They work with the cult of electronics to steal your children. Your children, your precious children! They want you to buy Barbie on DVD so your child has no imagination and has to play with dolls exactly the way it is shown on tv. They want your children to cry for chicken nuggets so often you have no choice but to blow five dollars per kid on a Happy Meal. They are stealing your children!

I suppose its a cult of modernity. Yes, it is a cult to make you want the biggest and best toys, to never spend time with your family, to be alone forever. They are trying to wipe out the masses, only the strong will survive! You can stop this now! You can take your children off of fast food and away from electronics! They will hate you at first, but then they will love you. Oh how they will love you once they can see theres more to life than a tv or an IPhone, or a chicken sandwich from Chick Fil-A. They will love the rich home made meals you cook for them on a regular basis. They will love what their little brains can imagine, can think up once they get over the withdrawals of not having a tv or a phone. Send them outside! Make them explore! Let them be CHILDREN!

Get the kids out of the cult. The cult that says you MUST feed your children junk. You MUST not want to talk to your parents. It says you must want what THEY want you to have and nothing else! They will use tactics through Google, billboards, and more to get to you. They will raise arms with Satan and run after you! They will try to capture you! Do not let them! Fight back! Keep your children at home if you must! Protect them! And above all else... never stop trying to win your children back.


  1. godly-young-widowJuly 20, 2014 at 7:41 PM

    Isn't it sad how anything can be a cult? So, what's your relationship with YOUR parents like? When they tried to talk you out of your singing career, did you resent them? They had to get your uncle to take you to Nashville, right? And there's where you may have seen all this media stuff for the first time, right? How did it affect you? Is that why you keep your kids at home; even why you left them alone to grocery shop? I always wondered why you didn't take them with you; even though it may be more work, it's a good opportunity to have them put into practice the good manners I'm sure you teach them at home.(and math skills) Or why you can't do that when your husband is home? Or isn't there anyone who can stay with them while you go, like your mom? Or mother-in-law?
    Funny thing; what can your children explore if they never go anywhere? Then they may ask questions and get curious about what they're missing.
    It's hard, isn't it? Friends with children are trying to rescue their children from this cult, but are finding it hard without feeling like they are cult leaders themselves. They take away all that their kids see as "fun" and their kids then want nothing to do with them. They try to have full-family-time, and their kids just won't do anything, provoking them to punish them, and it's an endless cycle. One friend's son even broke the window, and ran out!
    Hopefully we all together can find some solutions to this challenge.

  2. You're so full of shit! I don't feed my kids this stuff either and your definition is a cult is messed up! YOUR RELIGION is a cult Ashleigh! They don't force parents to feed this food to children. You are stupid. NOTHING says you MUST feed your children junk. I have never received that message. If you have then you conjured it up in your pea brain.

  3. WOW! your the phone in the cult! hahahahaha! You have no right what so ever to right a post like this!


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