Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Meal Time

I make sure all of my children eat very well.

Matthew still gets breast milk, but he is slowly starting solids, so sometimes he will have a bite of our food.

For breakfast every day, my girls eat an egg, half a peach, and a piece of toast. This is breakfast every morning, no matter what. Matthew gets a little bit of peach mooshed up.

For lunch, we have sandwiches. I believe in not feeding my daughters anything canned or processed, so we buy whole tilapia, tuna, catfish, whatever fish we want. For sandwiches, I take the whole fish and grind it up, add mayo and relish and serve on bread. This is lunch every day. Sometimes, I will buy a whole pig and we will have ham sandwiches or BLT's made from home made bacon, home grown tomatoes, and home grown lettuce. We don't even use the farmers market, because its cheaper this way.

For dinner, we usually have something simple I can throw in the crock pot: pinto beans, soups, stuff like that. I prefer to not have to cook a lot, so every little bit helps.

We make our own bread. I usually buy ingredients in bulk, and have it all prepared in a couple of gallon sized ziplock bags. Then all I have to do is toss it and the yeast and the liquids into the bread machine and let it do all the work! We have wonderful home made bread.

I feel good knowing my girls are eating good.


  1. This whole blog is laughable and must be satire and not truly how you live. IF this is really how you live then you are one messed up woman. Especially for sticking your kids in a closet as punishment. CPS needs to be at your door. I hope someone finds you out and reports you to the proper people. You are an abuser.

  2. godly-young-widowJuly 4, 2014 at 1:59 PM

    Interesting. Do you live in a state where you can grow your food all year long? If you were able to go to Arkansas for Jill Duggar's wedding, then you must live in Texas or close to it. I live far north and growing vegetables is a very short season; we have really long winters. Home grown vegetables are seasonal, and once the snow comes it's limited to canned or frozen. Do you go fishing and catch your own fish too? Fascinating. Maybe Joshua can be a fisherman for a career. I want to learn more, He must feel so close to Jesus while he waits for the fish to fill the nets.

    1. We grow enough food that we can freeze it for when the frost hits. We also buy our fish in bulk at an organic foods store nearby. We don't want anything to compromise our health.

  3. You eat pork? I'm surprised at that. Homemade bread is awesome and smells sooooooooo good! Ps them cranberries ur hubby loves are in a can and so was the lemonade haha! Hey we can't be superwoman but we can sure try! -smiley

  4. I would not feed my kids mayonnaise. Also, why bacon? Try healthy food.

  5. Yet there is a duncan hines box in the pic of your filthy laundry room. I feel terrible for your children living in that filth. you obviously aren't mentally stable.

  6. ...mayo every day..."healthy?"...america is a sad place.


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