Friday, July 25, 2014

Goodbye Brady

Today we went to the park and Brady's father came running to him. He hugged his son and vowed never to leave him again. He thanked me for keeping his son safe, shook my hand, and off they went.

Brady was a loving soul. I did manage to talk to him about Jesus a few times. He seemed really interested. I fell in love with this small boy, and I hope he is doing well with his father now. I also hope his father keeps his word, because what if I hadn't found him? What if it had been someone else? Someone who hurts small children? I shudder at the thought.

Perhaps we can visit sometimes. Maybe we will see him at the park again, with his father. Brady, if you ever read this, I truly hope you are doing well and that your life is good. I hope you go to church and accept Jesus as your personal savior. Be good my little one.


  1. godly-young-widowJuly 25, 2014 at 9:45 PM

    I was going to ask if you posted the last status in hopes that Brady's parents would see it and wake up and find you and come get him. I'm glad he's back home. That's not really the best solution to just take him home, but I'm glad you kept on bringing him back to the park. Hopefully after this, you and others can work together to LEGALLY take care of each other. And pray for the cops and people in those positions.

  2. What you did was illegal and Brady's father has every right to charge you and have you prosecuted. You have NO common sense Ashleigh! Who would casually take the kids to the park and have the dad come running up? I don't believe your story!

  3. Something reeks with your story. If a child goes missing the state issues an Amber Alert and I can't believe the father didn't contact the police when his son was gone 3 days. I would watch your backs. He can file charges and you can be prosecuted for this. You make really dumb decisions Ashleigh if this is true.

  4. Since when is a 10 year old boy small? My 10 yo is 5'2" and 100#. And he goes to the park alone with his brothers. If' you'd have taken my sons for three days, my headship would have hunted you down and taken the law into his own hands, and more power to him. I am pretty sure what you did is illegal!

  5. Satire folks, it is satire.

  6. A 10 year old would be better off at the park than at your filthy house.


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