Tuesday, July 22, 2014


The girls and I went to the park the other day, and I couldn't help but notice a small child running around. He had no sign of a parent with him.

Yesterday, it was the same story.

Today, I saw the poor boy again. I went to him and asked his name, how old he was, and where his parents were!

His name is Brady, he's 10, and his father dropped him off and left him behind.

I felt pity in my heart for him. I asked him if he would like to come home with me, have a hot meal, and stay with us for a while. He agreed.

How could someone abandon a child? I can't imagine leaving my Natty at the park alone.

After talking it over with my husband, we agreed to let the boy stay with us. Surely he is a lot safer with us, than roaming the park alone!


  1. What you are doing is against the law and if his parents see you with him, you and your husband can be arrested, put in jail, and your children will go to foster care. You have no smarts.

  2. You are committing a crime, kidnapping. That is against the law. You cannot just take a child from somewhere, no matter the reason behind it. You would go crazy if someone did that to your child. I wish I was able to call CPS or the police.

  3. Holy hell! That's HIGHLY illegal! You should have just called the police at the park, not take him with you!

  4. A new soul to win has been delivered to you! PTL!!

  5. You are committing a criminal act and think it's ok? You and your husband should be in jail!

  6. You committed a criminal act! You and your husband should be in jail!

  7. Ever think about calling law enforcement and letting them handle it????


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