Monday, June 9, 2014

My Husband Is Good To Me

I have been harboring anger in my heart towards my husband because of the way he wants our children to be schooled. I want them safe at home with me. He wants them out in the world.

Erin from Keeper Of The Homestead suggested I think of ways that my husband is good to me and my family as a way to let loose of the anger harbored in my heart.

My husband is not a child abuser.
My husband is a Godly leader.
My husband does not tolerate sin.
My husband is not a drunk.
My husband loves the children.
My husband really wants whats best for the children (even if I don't agree)
My husband is a good worker
My husband is good at managing money.
My husband wants whats best for me.
My husband loves Jesus.
My husband loves me.

I do feel a little better now.

Lori Alexander's husband Ken stated that I should wait it out and see how the girls do. If they consistently show a love of Jesus and are around the right people, then they will be okay. If they start souring of sin, then correct the situation.

I am genuinely glad for online friends who can guide me along my parenting journey.


  1. From what you have posted, your kids need to go to school. Most schools are great and they will love it.

  2. Yes, this is a good exercise. I am learning to do that too, with people who I've struggled to love but Jesus commands us to love our enemies and pray for those who mistreat us.
    I look forward to more updates on how your daughters do in their school. Especially after parent-teacher interviews. Some schools do student-led or student-included with that, so there's no teacher's-word-against-student's-word things. Maybe you and Troy can take turns there; for half of your time one of you can be with the teacher and your daughters, and the other looks after the younger ones and switch off. Or some schools have other students who took a babysitting course looking after younger children for that time.
    And don't be afraid to sometimes go by the school during recess and pray quietly for your and the other children. Schools need good prayer warriors.
    Oh, I just thought of something. See You At the Pole is in September, right? You and Elizabeth and hopefully other parents can try to initiate something with that. It can be a powerful witness to the community.

  3. You need to homeschool those children. Pray on your husband. Ask that Jesus change his heart. There are homosexuals in public schools. It could rub off on your children.


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