Sunday, June 22, 2014

Modesty for Men

Today, I saw a little boy in the grocery store. He was about a year old, and his parents had him in nothing but a diaper. This tore me up.

Heres the deal. We need to teach our sons early how to be modest. Yes, because they need to know. They need to save their bodies for their wedding day.

First rule of Modesty For Men is always wear a shirt. Not just any shirt either. Wife beaters and unacceptable. Tank tops are unacceptable. Crazy letters or words or sayings are unacceptable. They must be plain, and they must have sleeves. It must not be tight. It must be loose and comfortable. Style doesn't matter as long as you wear sleeves, and aren't wearing a shirt that looks painted on.

Second rule of modesty: Wear pants. I do not care if its hot. Women wear long skirts, so you can wear pants. No holes, no sagging. Nobody wants to see your underwear or your knees or thighs. Be modest. Yes, you can buy a pair of track pants to go swimming in. Same rule as with the shirts: Nothing painted on or wild.

Third rule of modesty: Keep your hands out of your pants. If your mother didn't teach you this, then she needs to be whipped. Grabbing your private area is not attractive, and certainly not modest. Please do not bring attention to your groin.

Are there any other ideas my lovely readers might have today for the men reading this post?


  1. I have just worked this out all you guys are doing here is bringing discredit to the Word of God!
    You are mocking people like Lori and Ken, why don't you all try to get a life and stop acting so pathetic!
    I feel so sad for people who devote their whole day to mocking other; all it says about you is that you have NO real life of your own!
    Ken and Lori may not get it all right; in fact I don't believe they do. However at least they are trying to help people; all you guys are doing is making yourselves look stupid! Very STUPID!!

    Oops! I nearly forgot please remember to respond joyfully to my post!!
    Thank you!

    1. You're too cowardly to post under your own name, but you sure are free with the accusations, aren't you? This godly young woman is absolutely on target with male modesty. Just because we CAN go topless at the beach or on the road does not mean that we SHOULD. And those skinny jeans you see all those hipster guys wearing? Not appropriate. They expose way too much "package."

      You're dead on, young lady, when it comes to this topic. Keep your chin up and ignore the naysayers!

    2. How am I mocking Ken and Lori? I'm not! I am a real person, and these are my real feelings and thoughts. You don't have to read here, but please do accuse what you know nothing about.

  2. Ashleigh they are bad mouthing you over at Ken and Loris! I think you need to stay away from such spiteful immoral people. They even admit to using birth control!!! Can you imagine all the wonderful babies they have murdured? Don't let skanks like that get you down

    1. I am sad that they are bad mouthing me, and acting as if I am not a real person. I can't imagine it. I am a real person. I am trying my best to navigate this world and stay submissive and raise my babies to be the best they can be.


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