Saturday, June 21, 2014

Manly Men

My wonderful husband is guest posting today with a word for all the Manly Men who guide and protect their wives and children.

Hello, my name is Troy. Ashleigh is my wife. Today we need to talk about something important. We need to talk about being Men. Not just men, but Manly Men.

Scenario: Your daughter asks for a car when she is 16 Do you
A: Buy her a car. She's daddy's princess!
B: Make her work and earn the money for a car.
C: Make her wait until she is married.

If you chose A or B, you are wrong. If you chose C, why is your daughter not already under a husbands authority? Your daughter became a woman three years ago, and she should have been married then, so she could produce and raise an army for Christ.
It isn't too late. I know its hard to let your daughter go, but you need to do it. You need to suck back the tears, and go into this feeling NO EMOTION. This is critical. You must be unfeeling as you give your daughter to another man. Otherwise, you are weak. You will have raised a spoiled daughter who may stay at home until you die. You DO NOT want that.
Manly Men make difficult decisions on a regular basis. The key is to never use your emotions to guide you. That is what females do, which is why my wife wants to birth at home. Why my wife wants to keep our daughters at home. She is using her EMOTIONS. I refuse to let my family be ruled by EMOTIONS. Therefor, always go against the emotion. Then, and only then will you be a true manly man.

Your house catches fire. Get the kids out. Get your wife out. Do not cry. Watch the house burn to the ground. No emotion.

You lose your job. You spend all day every day going out and finding a job until you have one. Do not let your family know. No emotion. Trust me, you will have a job within a week if you hit up every place in town. After you have contacted them all, contact them again. No emotion.

The role of the Man is to get things done. Don't be a sissy or a pansy. Just Get. It. Done.
Thank you.


  1. It is about time someone started preaching the WORD and the TRUTH!

    1. Y'all seriously need to start studying your Bible and praying that God will guide you in understanding. You cannot defend your lifestyle with the Bible because this stuff is NOT what the Bible says. Therefore, something should be screaming in your heads that this is incorrect. Jesus wept. There has never been a more manly -- or more godly -- man than Jesus! He showed emotion all the time! He cared more about people and having a true heart for God, not so much about legalistic nonsense. He cared about and respected women! And held the little children on His lap. Sure, some rules have to be made, but God gave us all free will and we should not turn around and take all free will and choice from each other.

  2. My Pappy always said if you're old enough to do the laundry you're old enough to dirty the sheets.

  3. This is sick, legalistic, fundamentalism at its finest. Glad I got out of the cult years ago.

  4. What the fuck is wrong with you people?! Get help! Open up to the world! This isn't only about you being fuckos, it's about your kids! You're raising them to be completely unadapted to today's world and they'll end up becoming murderers or fanatics. Please think of them and of their future.

  5. I've been reading this blog for an hour and I'm really confused. Are you advocating child marriage? A 13 year old has no business dating nevermind getting married. that is illegal and immoral. This is not the 13th century. People do live past the age of thirty. My son is 12 and his job is to get a good education, then a good job. Also, women don't need men. They need an education. Men don't need women either, btw.

  6. You sir, are a genuine psychopath.

  7. Satire. This blog is satire


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