Tuesday, June 10, 2014

I Have Wonderful News...

I'm pregnant! I just got done taking the test. The urine isn't even dry yet, but I am going to be a mommy again! I can't wait! The girls cant wait either. If it's a girl, her name will be Kymberleigh Dayton. If its a boy his name will be Bartholomew Bonaparte. I can't wait!


  1. I am glad you have those older girls to take care of this baby so you can produce another one ASAP.

  2. I need some advice, much like you I believe children should carry their share of responsibility in a house hold. But when I send my 8 year old daughter into the kitchen she makes the most horrific food. Last night we had under cooked boxed macaroni with burnt chicken breasts, and she managed to ruin my good dish towel by leaving it to close to the burner!! She burnt it right up! How do you get them to understand how to get this pulled together?

    1. Yes, you could do as the below poster suggested. I make my daughter use the kitchen timer. When she comes out, I ask "Did you set the timer?" 99% of the time, she goes back to turn it on. the other 1% she is praised for remembering. I feel if I keep this up, she will soon remember by herself.

      As for your good dish towel... well eight is a little young. Buy or make a special dish towl just for her. If she burns that up, well thats her loss, she will understand, and she will put forth the effort to earn a better one. And then she will take better care of it... because its hers!

  3. Well, you could do what I did. My oldest daughter was about the same age when I started training her in cooking, laundry, baby care, etc., and after a few tries, when I felt she should've gotten the hang of it and she still produced an inedible meal I would simply make her dump everything out, clean up the mess and then I would send her to bed. Only took maybe four or five times before she smartened eight up!

  4. My goodness, congratulations! This is just so exciting! Many hands make light work, my dear sister in Christ. You are well on your way to light work!


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