Monday, June 30, 2014

Why We Wear Long Skirts

A couple of years ago, I was inspired by Erika Shupe of Large Families on Purpose. She had a great thinking for why women should wear skirts. I do NOT agree with her short hair, and feel like it is against God's Word to have short hair, especially if you are a Bible believing Christian woman.

Erika said that if you wear pants, a mans eyes can go up your leg and imagine your crotch. You basically put it all out there for him wearing pants! After reading this, my conviction of wearing skirts became stronger. Then I realized, you need to wear LONG skirts, because if you wear a knee legnth skirt, you are giving the same effect. Actually, wearing anything shorter than ankle length can make a man imagine getting under that skirt, and it provides easier access! If your skirt is ankle length though, a man will not have the same thoughts, because you are not showing anything that he can see to put the missing pieces together.

So we wear long skirts to help fight against the rape culture we live in. We also wear shirts up to our collarbones. My daughters always wore skirts or dresses from the day they were born. I had someone tell me, they wouldn't learn to walk or crawl! Well, my daughters did not have any issue learning to walk. Crawling encourages getting into things at such a young age, that we feel its best that they don't learn anyway. So dresses on my baby girls helps them to learn control and patience.

Matthew is crawling right now, but I won't inhibit him. For one thing, skirts are not for boys. For another, little boys DO need to learn about how things work from a young age in order to be the man of God they are called to be.

My girls love their skirts anyway. We buy frilly colorful dresses that make them all oh so happy!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Let's Be Honest


How many of you try to juggle a full time job, kids, and making your home look neat? Its hard isn't it? Your husband expects you to handle it too!

Its time to take a stand ladies. Get out of that job, or find one that allows you to work from home, or find a job you can take the kiddos to. Tell your husband you are a MOTHER, WIFE, and HOME MAKER. In order to be a proper woman and a testament to God's will, you need to take charge of YOUR position in the home, and tell your husband that it is a sin for you to be away from your home and children, and you wont stand for it. Tell him you will not work a job that will take you away from home and the children. You do not want strangers watching your children. You do not want your house to be a mess. You do not want him to come home to anything less than a home cooked meal!

Men: When your wives do this, please remember God created them to be keepers of the home. Don't let them sin. Of course, they MUST submit to you, so if you say no, thats fine. But women cannot be expected to juggle a job away from their home and their children.

Women, if your husband says go to work, then go to work. But it would be in your best interest to try to work from home if you must work. Or do like I did, and find a little job working the nursery!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Matthew, Jobs

I honestly adore my little son. He is my first. It breaks my heart that I need to train him. He is starting to crawl and get into things. I can't decide which method of training to go with.

Perhaps Elizabeth and I can train our babies together.

On another note, a lovely opportunity arose. Troy and I believe it is better than the previous option of starting my own business, where I could be interacting with the unwashed masses. The church nursery needs workers two days a week and they are paying 10 dollars an hour! So I work  four hours on Sunday and Wednesday playing with beautiful children and get paid to do it! How fun!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A New Business!

My husband has agreed that I can begin a business and start selling trinkets and such. I can't wait! I'm not sure yet what I am going to make or sell, but I will look forward to sharing it with you as we travel on this journey together! My children have the house held down pretty well for the summer, so what a marvelous time to try something new!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

About Natty

I told Troy about the apparent laws against a 13 year old getting married. He said he would check into it. After a day or two passed, he said that we don't want trouble with the law, and age of consent is 16. So Natty will wait eight years to marry. I am relieved. I'm not sure how Joshua's family feels about it, but we shall pray for the best.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

A Fraud!?

Yesterday I was in attendance at the wedding of Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard. I will not be sharing photos because there was explicit orders to not take any pictures of the wedding. So, I did not get any pictures. It was a beautiful wedding, and it was especially touching when they shared their first kiss. It wasn't the least bit awkward. In fact, it was really nice. Derick then grabbed Jill's hand, and they ran out the sanctuary! So sweet! The after party was at the Duggar home, and it was lovely. There were friends and food and happiness. My children played with the Duggar children and everyone got along and had a blast.

 Today, I come back to find out that I am a fraud. Lori Alexander and her husband, who so wisely counseled me not too long ago, have claimed that I am a fake and a spoof.

 First of all, it is NOT Christlike to be mean, so I will not state anything mean.

 Secondly, I was called to be a wife and a mother when I was 13. Prior to that, I had a dream of wanting to be a singer/songwriter. I had already written several songs, and they really were quite good. I was home schooled. My parents discouraged my dreams, but I kept dreaming. One day, my mother pulled me aside and told me that women could not ever be truly happy away from home. If I really wanted to pursue my dream, she wouldn't stop me, but I would soon learn her words were true. My Uncle Larry loaded me up in his truck and we went to Nashville. I stayed in Nashville for two months trying to break in as a tiny songstress. Dolly Parton and Brenda Lee were my heros, and I wanted to be just like them.

After two months, there was nothing in sight. The record producers told me I was too young. One even told me to come back in ten years. I kept pushing, but there was nothing. I went to bed and cried myself to sleep.

The next morning I asked my Uncle to take me home. I tried, but failed. So he took me home, and I began my new dream of being a stay at home mother.

I met my husband Troy ten years ago. My father pushed courtship, and we obliged. We were allowed to hold hands and hug, and that was all. We had a chaperone on us at all times. I saved my first kiss for the alter, just like Derick and Jill. We were married January 25th 2005.

We had Nataleigh August 14th 2005. She was my first baby, and I was so proud of her. I loved getting to watch her walk and crawl. She was a month early so I was scared.

February 5th 2008 we had Kaileigh. Baileigh came along January 9th 2010. And Matthew came to us Christmas day of 2013.

My husband believes in raising an army for God. He wants us to raise our children to be Godly children. I want him to be happy. I was taught to submit to my husband. No, I don't necessarily LIKE the idea of my daughter being married off at 13. But my husband knows best, because he was raised to be a Man Of God. I'm just a woman. What do I know besides babies and housekeeping?

Modesty for Men

Today, I saw a little boy in the grocery store. He was about a year old, and his parents had him in nothing but a diaper. This tore me up.

Heres the deal. We need to teach our sons early how to be modest. Yes, because they need to know. They need to save their bodies for their wedding day.

First rule of Modesty For Men is always wear a shirt. Not just any shirt either. Wife beaters and unacceptable. Tank tops are unacceptable. Crazy letters or words or sayings are unacceptable. They must be plain, and they must have sleeves. It must not be tight. It must be loose and comfortable. Style doesn't matter as long as you wear sleeves, and aren't wearing a shirt that looks painted on.

Second rule of modesty: Wear pants. I do not care if its hot. Women wear long skirts, so you can wear pants. No holes, no sagging. Nobody wants to see your underwear or your knees or thighs. Be modest. Yes, you can buy a pair of track pants to go swimming in. Same rule as with the shirts: Nothing painted on or wild.

Third rule of modesty: Keep your hands out of your pants. If your mother didn't teach you this, then she needs to be whipped. Grabbing your private area is not attractive, and certainly not modest. Please do not bring attention to your groin.

Are there any other ideas my lovely readers might have today for the men reading this post?

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Manly Men

My wonderful husband is guest posting today with a word for all the Manly Men who guide and protect their wives and children.

Hello, my name is Troy. Ashleigh is my wife. Today we need to talk about something important. We need to talk about being Men. Not just men, but Manly Men.

Scenario: Your daughter asks for a car when she is 16 Do you
A: Buy her a car. She's daddy's princess!
B: Make her work and earn the money for a car.
C: Make her wait until she is married.

If you chose A or B, you are wrong. If you chose C, why is your daughter not already under a husbands authority? Your daughter became a woman three years ago, and she should have been married then, so she could produce and raise an army for Christ.
It isn't too late. I know its hard to let your daughter go, but you need to do it. You need to suck back the tears, and go into this feeling NO EMOTION. This is critical. You must be unfeeling as you give your daughter to another man. Otherwise, you are weak. You will have raised a spoiled daughter who may stay at home until you die. You DO NOT want that.
Manly Men make difficult decisions on a regular basis. The key is to never use your emotions to guide you. That is what females do, which is why my wife wants to birth at home. Why my wife wants to keep our daughters at home. She is using her EMOTIONS. I refuse to let my family be ruled by EMOTIONS. Therefor, always go against the emotion. Then, and only then will you be a true manly man.

Your house catches fire. Get the kids out. Get your wife out. Do not cry. Watch the house burn to the ground. No emotion.

You lose your job. You spend all day every day going out and finding a job until you have one. Do not let your family know. No emotion. Trust me, you will have a job within a week if you hit up every place in town. After you have contacted them all, contact them again. No emotion.

The role of the Man is to get things done. Don't be a sissy or a pansy. Just Get. It. Done.
Thank you.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Spring Cleaning!

It is that lovely time of year, spring cleaning! Normally, we have the house spotless on a daily basis! Now that I am pregnant, we really need to get cracking on some areas in the house that aren't always at their best.

For instance, the tops of the ceiling fans. Sure, nobody can see the tops of them. But if enough dust accumulates and you turn them on, your guests will be smattered with dust! Not acceptable. You must dust those ceiling fans girls!

I've also given up harsh chemicals. It's not good for the baby, or for the girls when they are cleaning. So instead, we mix lemon juice and vinegar together and have a super amazing cleaner! It cleans anything and everything. That and a rag is really all we need to get the house spotless! We also fill up a mop bucket with this simple cleaning solution to clean our hardwood floors

Make sure if you use curtains to wash them every three to six months. You can't dust them, but they accumulate much yuck!

I recently learned that diatomaceous earth makes a wonderful bug repellent. So we mix some up in a bottle with some water so we have a spray instead of powder mucking up my beautiful home.

Baileigh loves to clean the toilet. I'm not sure why, but its one less thing I have to worry about!
Kaileigh is in charge of the bedrooms
Nataleigh is in charge of the living room and kitchen.

Have a beautiful wonderful day friends!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Get Thee Behind Me Satan!

The Devil is trying to pull us down! But we won't let him win!

It started with that EVIL DOLL that kept making its way to my sweet boy Matthew. Then, the children playing with the heathens next door. Then Kaileigh whining about being a doctor. It continues to get worse and SATAN CAN'T BRING ME DOWN!

My husbands car broke down. He had to ride his bike to work and was thirty minutes late.

Baileigh was running barefoot and cut her foot on some glass. It was bad, I had to sew it back together. However, she did learn her lesson about running, so maybe that was a God thing.

Joshua (Nataliegh's intended) drinks Mt. Dew. What kind of parent lets their child put that kind of poison in their body? They also vaccinated their six month old. Horrifying! Anyway, Joshua let Nataleigh have some Mt. Dew and now she is ADDICTED! I'm afraid we may have to perform an exorcism.

And finally, that evil doll made its way BACK into my house! I found it in Matthew's crib this morning! I screamed and Nataleigh came running. When she saw the doll, she yanked it out of the crib. "MY doll!" she said. "Matthew, you can't have it!" and ran off. I chased her down and told her I needed the doll. I told her Mommy would make her a nice new one, but she wasn't having it. Finally, she went outside and I took the doll and threw it down the garbage disposal. I pray it works.

Dear Heavenly Father we just ask that you SEND SATAN AWAY from this house! Make Satan FLEE! Set your angels around our home and our children. Prevent ANY AND ALL ATTACKS from Satan from entering our humble abode. Please free Natty from her addictions, and stick some common sense into that mother of his about the evils of soda and vaccinations.

I love you Lord Jesus! Bless this home!


Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Great Name Debate

My husband asked me what I had thought about naming our child. I told him "Kymberleigh Dayton and Bartholomew Bonaparte." He said "If you want to name our daughter Kymberleigh, thats on you. But no son of mine will be named Bartholomew." "Well what kind of name do YOU think is appropriate for the Man Of God our son will be someday?" I asked. "I believe we will name our son Nathan." he said. My jaw dropped. Before I could say anything, he said "Now remember, YOU are naming the girls, and I am naming the boys. That was the agreement after you named our first two."

I have to submit to my husband, but I am not happy about it. Please pray he sees reasoning and common sense. Can you imagine? Nathan! What a horrid, COMMON name!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Joshua's mother

Nataleigh's intended Joshua has a mother who I have become quite fond of. And now, she has her own blog! See it here

To the Doctor!

My husband insisted we see a doctor this time around for the baby. See, last time we had complications with preeclampsia and our little bub nearly didn't make it. My husband intervened during my home birth and forced me in the car and to the hospital. I'm sure if he had not intervened, we would have been fine, but my husband insists we go to the doctor to make sure I and our newest child go to the doctor. He has compromised, and if all is well, we will use a midwife instead.

I am about eight weeks along. We heard the heartbeat of our youngest child. When I asked if it was a boy or girl, the doctor told us we can't know that for at least another ten weeks! Hmph! Some doctor! My midwife knows all the tricks and has accurately predicted each of my baby's gender from day one!

When I got home, Kaileigh started up again about wanting to be a doctor. I told her UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES would ANY daughter of mine be a doctor! Kaileigh went to her room and cried. Oh well. A child must have her dreams crushed to be subservient and follow the will of God. I remember when my parents crushed my dream of becoming a singer. Best thing that ever happened to me! Now I am a joyful mother and wife. Kaileigh will thank me when she is older.

Friday, June 13, 2014


Today, my heart is filled with sorrow. I left the girls at home while I went grocery shopping. When I came back, I saw a horrible sight. My children were playing with other children. Apparently there is a house right next door, and they have three children, around the same ages as my daughters. The problem is, I don't know these children. Most likely, they go to public school and have ungodly influences in their lives. I simply can't handle it. I scurried the girls back into the house. I told them they are to never go outside when I am not home ever again. I have been ignoring them all day. My heart is too heavy to deal with this.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Nataleigh's Intended

Nataleigh is eight years old. Today, her father brought home a ten year old boy. He introduced Nataleigh to the boy, who's name is Joshua. What a strong biblical name! My husband told me we are renting out our guest house to Joshua and his family because my husband intends on having Joshua and Nataleigh marry when Nataleigh turns 13. My baby girl is growing up so fast! She will be 13 in just five short years! Time flies...

The Doll

Today, I put Matthew on the floor to play while I went to check on our little garden. When I came back in, the sight in front of me was horrifying. Matthew had Nataleigh's doll. He was hugging it, and chewing on it. I shouted NO! and snatched the doll from him and gave him a squeaky ball instead. He looked at me and cried. "Matty" I said "Dolls are for girls! You can play with squeaky ball!" and put the doll away on my bedside table. He kept crying. He finally forgot about the doll, and we ate lunch. After lunch, we cleaned up and laid down for a nap. An hour later, I heard him squealing with joy. I went to go look... the doll had fallen off the table and into his crib. I took the doll away again, and gave him another toy. Later that evening, my husband came to me and said "Why is Matthew playing with a doll?" I went and I looked, and sure enough, that SAME DOLL had found its way back over to Matthew. I shouted "This doll is possessed!" and threw it in the garbage. I pray the doll doesn't find its way back in the house.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

I Have Wonderful News...

I'm pregnant! I just got done taking the test. The urine isn't even dry yet, but I am going to be a mommy again! I can't wait! The girls cant wait either. If it's a girl, her name will be Kymberleigh Dayton. If its a boy his name will be Bartholomew Bonaparte. I can't wait!

Monday, June 9, 2014

My daughter and the park

Lately, I have taken to taking my daughters to the park. Going down the slide was one of my biggest joys as a child, and I couldn't bear to let them go without.

Recently, I discovered a secret. How many times do you take your child out, and suddenly you need to go use the little girls room? And as soon as you get there, you notice the place is a cold wet concrete cell, with obvious signs of people urinating all over the place? And nobody ever cleans it up, so you never want to go in there?

I was dreading this one day. Before we went to the park, I had an idea!

I changed into a loose ankle length skirt and two inch heels. I dressed my daughters in flip flops and ankle length skirts. None of us wore any underwear.

When we got to the park, naturally everyone had to go potty! I whispered to the girls to spread their legs while standing, and just pee right where they stood! And it worked! Because of our ankle length skirts, we were able to modestly pee in public, and then be on our merry way.

Park day is the girls favorite day of the week. Its the only day of the week they are allowed to go without underwear, and it really does make life easier!

My Husband Is Good To Me

I have been harboring anger in my heart towards my husband because of the way he wants our children to be schooled. I want them safe at home with me. He wants them out in the world.

Erin from Keeper Of The Homestead suggested I think of ways that my husband is good to me and my family as a way to let loose of the anger harbored in my heart.

My husband is not a child abuser.
My husband is a Godly leader.
My husband does not tolerate sin.
My husband is not a drunk.
My husband loves the children.
My husband really wants whats best for the children (even if I don't agree)
My husband is a good worker
My husband is good at managing money.
My husband wants whats best for me.
My husband loves Jesus.
My husband loves me.

I do feel a little better now.

Lori Alexander's husband Ken stated that I should wait it out and see how the girls do. If they consistently show a love of Jesus and are around the right people, then they will be okay. If they start souring of sin, then correct the situation.

I am genuinely glad for online friends who can guide me along my parenting journey.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Do You Know???

The Lord has laid it on my heart that some of my readers need to hear some simple truth.

Jesus loves you. He wants to take care of you. He died on the cross carrying the burden of YOUR sin. And mine. And my husbands. My kids, the whole worlds sin! He was perfect, he didn't have to die for you, but he did.

Won't you just profess Jesus and your Lord and Savior? Won't you just love him back?

It's Been Too Long!

Wow! It has certainly been too long since I posted here. First I suppose I should tell you about Matthew. He was born December 25th at 9:36 AM weight 8 pounds and 9 ounces. He is now five months old and such a spitfire! He is a Daddy's boy for sure, and will grow up to be a wonderful, handsome, strong, Godly man!

Baileigh is now 3 1/2. For the first couple of months, she tried to sell Matthew to relatives who would visit. I had a stern talking to with her, and now she has a joyful countenance.

Nataleigh and Kaileigh were forced to go to school by their father.  Natty and Kay both graduated first grade this year. I was glad Natty scored low and KayKay scored high on their placement tests because to me that made a huge difference to have my babies struggling together. I let them both know under no circumstances were they allowed to play with the other children. I don't want them catching something from less Godly children.

Life is wonderful, and I wouldn't trade it for anything. Except for my babies being in a place I can't protect them. I want them to come home.