Friday, December 26, 2014


Christmas at home was wonderful. You see, we did not exchange gifts. Instead, we all volunteered in a soup kitchen. Matthew was passed around and adored by all the ladies, while the rest of us served food. It was such an amazing time!

We called our Arkansas friends to wish them the happiest of holidays (Christmas and New Years) and they well wished us back. They seemed a bit perturbed when I told them we were not exchanging gifts this year, instead we were volunteering. They asked if we had plans to visit for the new year, and we said we would consider it.

Tensions have risen since the wedding. It seems our families don't get along like they used to. They understand I had nothing to do with the sudden coverage and they have since forgiven me, but it seems to me that I just do not get along with the parents anymore. Although the eldest children are the ones I am closest to, it is important that I am still close to the parents because they are the ones who have children the same age as mine. The one who is currently pregnant will have her precious boy around the same time my twins are due, so perhaps we will start over and watch as our precious young ones grow up together. It will be a time of love and laughter I am sure.

I hope you all had a safe and merry Christmas, and you all were very happy. I hope you gave plenty, with goodness in your heart.  I hope your Christmas was jolly, and your new years will be everything you need it to be.



Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas my friends. Always remember to leave the Christ in Christmas! Jesus Is Lord!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Pride Cometh Before The Fall

I have noticed a lot of pride in a certain friend of mine. This friend feels as if he can do no wrong. He is living on top of the world. He has the perfect family, the perfect house, all the money he can dream of, power, influence, etc. At first, he seemed to genuinely be praising God for the success brought to him and his family. 

Recently, he has started to become prideful. Within the last year or so, he is becoming more blatant in espousing his ideals, not caring what one thinks of him. Where before he would keep his mouth shut and let everyone adore him and assume they knew him, he has been letting his mouth run off. Pride is getting in his way. Fame is getting to his head. The money makes him hungrier and greedier. I'm not even sure he realizes what is going on, but he is stepping further away from God every day, and clearly thinking of himself instead of others. Just the other day, this friend told me that he was confident that he was going to remain at the top for a very long time, and his legacy would be an inspiration to others for many generations to come. I mentioned to him that he sounded a bit prideful, and he became angry. He told me that clearly I did not know what I was talking about, and I needed to get my own life in line with God before I started telling others about pride. He told me that all of his children are safe from the world while mine are in it everyday. Troy told him that our children being in the world is what will make them stronger. Ten years from now, will his youngest ones be as secure being sheltered all their lives as our oldest ones being allowed to venture into the world? Our friend then became irate and asked us to leave.

I'm not sure how to handle this. How do you tell someone you love that they are being prideful? I suppose he won't see it until he falls... but even then, will he see it, or will he blame everyone else around him?

I pray for his wife and his children, as well as for him. I pray they all see what needs to be seen before the fall happens... otherwise the fall will be hard on them all.

Thursday, December 11, 2014


Tonight, we are having chicken, mashed potatoes (real, not instant), and green beans. What are you having?

Friday, December 5, 2014


My poor babies! They are all coughing so bad! They are all staying home. Praying there is nothing wrong with them.

I am treating them by mixing a tablespoon of vanilla extract with a tablespoon of honey and making them take it. It tastes good to them, and it helps stop the cough! Hopefully, the older two will return to school Monday after treating them with this.

Please say your prayers for my children. They all are so sick, it hurts my heart so.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Troy's Mother.

My mother in law is staying with us for Thanksgiving. She just arrived this morning. This must be why the sudden push to do everything exactly the way Troy wants.

When she arrived, she told me what a terrible job I was doing as a mother because I let my children go to private school. When I gently told her that it was Troy's decision, and that I was against it, she turned the tables on me! Suddenly private school was the best thing ever and I should be ashamed of myself for not wanting to integrate my children in with other children in a Godly environment.

Troy did see some sense and brought home some Purex so I could wash my clothes. When my mother in law saw it, she freaked out about having two kinds of laundry detergent. When I explained that I was allergic to Gain, she told me that I needed to learn how to make sacrifices for my family.

She heard I was having twins and asked what kind of formula I was buying them. When I said I was breast feeding, she said that was not healthy and that I needed to stop being so selfish and  let other people feed them. She also said that my breasts would only make enough milk for one baby, not two, and I would soon find out that one of the babies would die if I tried breastfeeding them both.

Nothing I do is good enough for her, and it is tiring.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Land Before Time

Today while browsing a thrift store, I found an old favorite movie of mine: The Land Before Time. I have fond memories of watching that movie. I thought back to the plot, and just remember some kid dinosaurs having fun, being kids, getting into and out of trouble, so I went ahead and I bought it thinking the girls would love it.

When I got home, I popped the tape into the VCR, and sat down with Baileigh to watch it. The first words that were spoken were "Millions of years ago" and began to explain that long before any animals or any humans, dinosaurs were around, and that the earth was changing rapidly. I immediately took the tape out of the VCR and hid it on a shelf. I will not have any movies teaching my children about evolution.

I will probably take the movie back tomorrow and demand my money back. I only paid fifty cents for it, but its the principle of the thing!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

And Now My Music

My husband has taken away my music, one of the few joys I have in life. He says anything with a one TWO three FOUR beat is bad, and I must only listen to ONE two THREE four beats. I'm not entirely sure he understands the concept of that, considering some of the music he left in and some of the music he threw away. I really think he just wants me to stop listening to music all together. Because of this, I also cannot participate in choir or even go to church lest I hear something with the wrong beat.

On another note, I am on Twitter.

And you all complained that my facebook was down, so I went in and fixed it.

Try that, see if that works better.

Love to you all


Saturday, November 22, 2014

How Long Is Long Enough?

How long should your hair be? Should it be past your shoulder blades? Is shoulder length hair long enough to be considered "long"?

Baileigh has asked if I would cut her hair. It is currently to her waist. She is always getting it tangled, which isn't her fault she is only a child. I can't envision cutting it all the way off, or a cute chin length bob. I need it to be long enough to still be pleasing to the Lord.

Maybe I should just braid it daily and pin it to the top of her head when she is playing?

Submission And Trust

This, ladies, is why you need to submit as much as you can to your husbands.

My husband complained that I have not been properly submitting to his Authority, so things will soon be changing.

I suppose this has something to do with last week when he told me to buy the Gain liquid detergent, and instead I bought the Purex powder because I am allergic to Gain.

My blog is the only thing I am allowed to have to myself, and even then, my husband will keep a strict eye on it to make sure I am not speaking evil towards him behind his back.

That must have something to do with me telling a friend of mine about the Gain/Purex debate.

I am not to leave the house unless he says so. I am not allowed to make any dinner he does not tell me to make. I am not allowed to buy any food he doesn't pre approve. I am not allowed to do anything except feed and change babies without his permission. I even had to ask for permission to type up a blog post on submission.

He says when Matthew gets older, I am supposed to submit to my own child. He thinks that the age of three will work. Troy trumps Matthew, but Matthew trumps me.

I am telling you all of this so you can see what can happen if you try to make one decision on your own when your husband has told you to do something else.

From now on, we use Gain. And I am not allowed to scratch.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Children these days are troubled miscreants... through no fault of their own! Their parents just don't know how to properly raise a child.

Here's what I believe. The world today teaches kids that it is okay to sin. The first thing we do is teach that addiction is a good thing. I have heard marijuana called a gateway drug, but there's one that comes before that, and we introduce it to our own children... Caffeine. You probably think I am crazy, but caffeine is a drug. Itseasily addictive, and we give our children soda and coffee from a very young age. And if we don't, we drink it ourselves which tells children "This is okay to drink when I am bigger." So they start drinking it later because"Mommy and Daddy drink it." Then, we are shocked when our children turn to methamphetamines.

Secondly we promote sexual promiscuity. We get pregnant out of wedlock and wind up with deadbeat baby daddies. Our children grow up thinking this is normal, so the cycle repeats.

We teach stealing is right. How many times have you used a wireless internet connection without your neighbors knowledge? Or used one at a restaurant without even buying a drink? Walked out of the store with something you forgot to pay for in your cart? That is stealing.

It is our fault when our kids turn out bad. So think before you act. Your children are watching you.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Well, now that THAT pesky business is sorted out...

My choir director told me that I was welcome to stay in the choir if that is what I wanted. He said that if I didn't want to sing Latin, I didn't have to! He said "Just stand there and look pretty." So I think I may do that!

Yes, the songs won't be as wonderful without my voice behind it, but I will be standing by my convictions while still getting to do something I love.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


First lets clear something up. Elizabeth and her small family do not live in a tent behind my house. Its just when you are used to the finer things in life, and live in a large house, a small two bedroom guest house is like a tent. I certainly couldn't live in a two bedroom house, it makes me as claustrophobic as a tent does. Just thinking about it makes my throat tighten up!

Speaking of Elizabeth, I saw her horrible post about wanting to buy my baby. So I have given her three days to find a new home.

Why in the world would someone want to buy another persons child!? I can't believe she would even SUGGEST such a thing!

I am crying because my friend wants to buy my baby. How cruel this world is.

Monday, November 10, 2014


Troy Again.

Since Ashleigh is getting famous I'm going to run for president.

I will outlaw abortion.
I will outlaw divorce.
Anyone who gets pregnant out of wedlock must marry the man.
Anyone who tries to divorce will have their children taken away.
Orphans will go to good Christian Man And Wife.
I will outlaw homosexuality.
I will outlaw birth control.
I will make sure boys and girls are segregated until adulthood.
You can only have boys or girls. If you have a boy, you have to keep having boys.
Nobody is allowed to have less than five children.
I will make everyone carry guns.

In with the new. Out with the old.

Vote for me, Troy Zedicy.

Sunday, November 9, 2014


Sundays are such wonderful days.

Today, I bent down to meet my Father. He met me at the gate and led me to His side. He showed me a world of beauty. A world of peace and love. A world where we can all really be free.

I believe I saw Heaven today.

I did not sing with the choir today. The music minister simply would not budge when I told him I would leave if he did not cut the Latin out. I won't sing with them for a while. He will want me back next week.



Saturday, November 8, 2014


My church has a lovely choir, to which I am an Alto. I am the star Alto, I know the music the best, and I sing the best. I am a very strong Alto. I'm so strong my director asks me to tone it down... but in all seriousness, you can't tone down a voice as strong as mine.

Anyway, today in practice, they gave us the music for the Christmas concert. We are singing a LATIN song! Whatever for!? I can't believe that! We always sing English! Now our director wants us to learn a new language? Latin is a dead language, why are we learning this!?

MY family only speaks English. I will be having a chat with the director today about this. If he wants his star Alto, he is going to have to give up the Latin!



Friday, November 7, 2014

An Announcement

With all of the comments I have been receiving, I thought I would make a statement. I went to bed last night, and woke to 74 new comments waiting for me.

I personally had no intention of my wedding post catching the eyes of all of the Gossip magazines. I chose not to address this at first, but I am being accused of gossip, slander, and saying things I never said.

I told about my account of the wedding. What Mary B. and others have said I will not confirm or deny because it is not my business what married couples do. Even if it IS in God's Holy house. Personally, I feel its not inappropriate as long as no one but the Lord sees you, so please lock the door. Sex was made by God for Man and Wife... so what could possibly be more glorifying to Him than to partake in what the Lord has made for you in His house?

That being said, what Ben and Jessa do as a couple is their business, not mine, not the gossip magazines, not anyones but the Lord's and their own.

By telling you what I saw at the wedding, I meant no harm. I meant no gossip, and I certainly did not expect the many magazines that have ran with it to find it.

I hope you all have a wonderful life, and instead of trash talking this young couple, you look inside you and seek The Lord.



Edit: I am removing Mary B.'s comment. I did not before because I do not believe in censoring others. I did not realize that by allowing it to remain on my page that I was perpetuating a rumor and allowing it to escalate to the level that it did.

Anyone who calls me Mary B. will have their comments deleted promptly. Mary has outed herself as a farce, and I am NOT Mary, so please stop calling me Mary. I am Ashleigh.

To the new couple: I am sorry that your personal life has been plastered all over the internet in such a disturbing manner. If I could take it back, I would. It was very crude of Mary B. to post such horrid things on a public forum, and it was wrong of me to allow it to stay up.

Jesus Loves You

Jesus loves you
you must know
For the bible says its true
Everyone belongs to Him
You are weak but He is strong
Yes Jesus loves you
The Bible says its true.



Thursday, November 6, 2014


It is a cause very near and dear to my heart.

Please do not abort your babies! They are precious gifts from God! LOVE on them! Be there for them! If you cannot keep them, maybe find a relative or a friend who would love to adopt your baby and you can be aunty to them. Maybe adopt them out to a family in need of a child. Please do not abort your babies. They are such precious gifts from God.



Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Hello world!


This is Ashleigh's niece, Whitleigh. Yes, yes, I know, laugh now, my name is the name of a primary school in Britain =.= Anywhooo, I'm 14 years-old and a total loser ;n; I am currently on Auntie-Ash's computer so I can play on tumblr and I clicked over to this tab when she wasn't looking  o u o; I hope I don't get it trouble T.T

Do any of you have an awesome Auntie like me??

The A Family

My dearest friend Elizabeth who lives in a tent behind my house with her young children has posted her catch up.

Lord willing, she will post more often.



Our cat

Our cat has diarrhea and is attacking our feet. Has she gone crazy? Does she have cat scratch fever? She licked my feet the other day...



Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Election Day!

Did you?



My Daughter Wants An iPhone

Apparently, all of the other nine and ten year olds in Nataleigh's class have iPhones, so now she wants one. I tried to explain to her that she is far too young, and she kept pushing. Then I tried to tell her that materialism is not a pretty thing. That made her mad. I told her that she does not need an iPhone, and she proceeded to insist that she did because everyone in school was going to make fun of her otherwise.

Where did this diva child come from? Why is my lovely, normally compliant daughter acting out like this? Is Christian school really doing this to her?

I guess I could always do like my parents did... if you want it bad enough, you can work for it!



Monday, November 3, 2014

The Twins

Kymberleigh Dayton and Nathan are due late January/early February. I honestly cannot wait to see the smiling faces of my beautiful baby twins. I enjoy every minute of being pregnant with my sweet ones. My midwife says everything is going smooth, and I should be able to birth at home. My husband is okay with this as long as I have my midwife with me. He cross checked her himself, and he decided she is okay because she told him that if any problems arose, she would have me transported to the hospital. Nothing will happen though, I am faithful that I can deliver my babies at home. It will be bliss.



Weddings and such

Well, Saturday I went to the Duggar/Seewald wedding. It was so beautiful. I was humbled by it all.

The bride looked beautiful in her stunning palest of pink gown, as she sashayed down the isle. The groom watched her with love in his eyes. They could only see eachother. It was like nobody else was in the room.

I was a bit surprised during the pouring of the sand that they played such a contemporary Christian song, but it really was beautiful and fitting.

Then came the moment we were all waiting for... THE KISS! The minister said that the bride and groom were about to have their first kiss as man and wife... but they went into a room by themselves! He said they wished to share their first kiss privately. Every head turned towards the Duggar parents who looked absolutely stunned by this display. Michelle was shaking her head. My husband started to crack up, and I had to elbow him in the ribs. It was quite funny though. I wish you could have seen the looks on their faces. I don't even remember what the minister preached on while the couple was gone, I think something about how the couple was doing the right thing by remaining pure until this day. Then, he asked the Duggar parents to kiss so we could all see a Duggar kiss. Jim Bob and Michelle were still in shock, but they obliged and quickly pecked on the lips.

Afterwards, I heard Jim Bob and someone from TLC talking about altering the storyline to make it look like Jim Bob and Michelle were in on it the whole time. It was a surprise to most of us that the children wished to be alone, but I don't blame them. My first kiss was dreadful... I would not want all of America seeing it! However, it seemed to be most of all a shock to the brides parents.

The ice cream was simply delightful. Everyone had a scoop, and they had dairy free and they had sugar free so everyone was included in the ice cream. We all chatted and had a grand time together. Several people told Ben and Jessa they were proud of them for choosing to keep their first kiss private. Jessa's dressed was oohed and aahed over.

It was a lovely wedding. I can't decide who will be next, but I hope it is just as lovely as this one.



Thursday, October 23, 2014


Does anyone know how to tell when a potato is ready to be picked? I planted some over the summer, and I would love to have a fresh potato to put in my crock pot to eat with my stew.

Any and all help (except the evil Google) would be greatly appreciated.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Cloth Diapers!

First off, this is incredible

I personally would have never thought to use a t-shirt as a cloth diaper. I think I will run by a few thrift stores later to see what I can find!

I think cloth diapers are very invaluable. They are quite amazing! You don't have to spend a fortune in disposables! You just wash and reuse!

My husband bought a sink sprayer and a couple of other small parts and attached it to our plumbing system in the bathroom so we had a sprayer for poop to go into the toilet. Did you know you shouldn't throw poop away, so you should be dumping your childs poop into the toilet, no matter what kind of diaper you use?

So why not cloth diaper? Its easy, effective, and if you are hard up, you can always use a t-shirt!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Throw Together Dinner

Tonight, we didn't have much in the house. Well, we had a lot of things, but nothiing that goes together and makes a nice meal. So I improvised!

Throw Together Dinner

I took some fish from the bottom of the freezer and spread some roasted garlic hummus on it. I laid it in the bottom of my pans, and preheated the over to 350

Next I took the rest of my black eyed peas and sprinkled them on top until there was a single layer across the pan. I then did the same with green peas, broccoli, and corn. Finally, I took some sliced cheese and laid it on top, and put it in the oven for 20 minutes. when it came out, I mixed it all together so the fish and cheese made its way in through the veggies

It came out wonderful. There was a nice even flavor of garlic and cheese. My youngest daughter hates veggies and fish, but she couldn't even taste the veggies or fish!

I will definitely have to make this again!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Baking a Cake!

Yay! I just love baking! I baked a delicious cake, and I would like to share the recipe with you! I found it on this site:

Check it out! It is soooo delicious!

Saturday, October 4, 2014


We do not celebrate Halloween.

It is a Satanic Holiday.

We all retire to bed at 7  pm so that nobody will think we are home. We don't let our children see the costumes. Satan is hiding in these costumes, so if our children even LOOK at them, they will probably sadly be taken by Satan and we will have to perform an exorcism.

Going to bed early is a bit of a struggle. Its easy enough to get the kids down, but my husband and I have a hard time going to bed that early. Once, we decided to turn on a lamp and read in the darkness. The electricity was shut off. A couple other times, we tried to procreate. Both times, I miscarried. So we took it to mean that NO fun is to be had on Halloween!

My girls will not go to school. We will all read Bible passages aloud. We eat leftovers from the night before. I suppose Halloween is just another Sabbath day for us! Whatever praises Him, right!?

Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Life Of A Working Woman

Now see, I find this sad.

I know a lady who decided to start working within the last year or so. She currently has five sons, three of whom are grown adults, and two whom are still teenagers, ages 16 and 17. She seems to love her job, but her family is SUFFERING. Her boys, all five of them, are acting out in rebellion. One moved far far away, another went overseas, another married a prostitute, and the other two are back talking, roll their eyes kind of people. I feel so sad, its so obvious that her children are hurting, but she wont stop working. Her marriage is bound to fall apart soon what with the stress the boys are putting on them because their mother isn't staying at home cooking and cleaning.

Just pray for her please. Pray that she sees the light. I wont give a name, just pray for all the working women who have lives and families coming apart.


Going To The Dentist!

Today we took Nataleigh to the dentist. Now, before you blow up about how I don't like doctors, I want you to stop for a moment.

We were born with teeth. Our teeth help us to eat and chew and do all sorts of wonderful things. Without teeth, life would be hard and difficult. We strive in having healthy happy teeth!

If something happens to a childs teeth, I am perfectly willing to take them to the dentist to fix it. After all, the world loves when you have a pretty smile! We have spent massive amounts of money fixing teeth at this house.

There is a darker side to dentistry. See, sometimes the dentist tells you to just yank the tooth out. Get it over with. Absolutely not! My daughters will never have dentures because they will learn that they need to take care of their teeth and save them at all costs. God GAVE us teeth! We need to keep them sparkling for Him!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Lazy Parenting

While I was out and about the other day, I saw a woman and a child. The child looked to be around two years of age. She wore a cute backpack. Unfortunately for this child, there was a leash on the back. Not JUST a leash mind you, the other end was clipped to her mothers belt, so the mother had her hands free and didn't have to watch her precious baby.

When I take my children out, they all MUST hold the side of the buggy or my hand, or their sisters hand. We must all stay connected to each other. Anyone who does NOT obey and lets go, or runs off, is immediately and swiftly punished. By the time Nataleigh was two, she was holding my hand the rare occasions we had to go anywhere.

Other forms of lazy parenting include

Not watching your child at the park and playing on your phone instead. Children are to be cherished. I would not want to see one be kidnapped because I was looking at my phone for an hour. Facebook is not important.

Letting your child out in public with a dirty face.

Forcing your child to do all the heavy handed work of caring for an infant. Nataleigh loves to help me with Matthew, but I DO NOT let Matthew sit in a dirty diaper until Natty goes to change him, because that is MY responsibility, not hers. Frankly, if I relied on my nine year old daughter to take care of her brother for more than thirty minutes while I cook dinner, nothing would ever be done. Now, before anyone harps on me for leaving my children at home alone, that is the girls. If I leave, Matthew goes with me. Natty won't have any real responsibility for watching him until he turns two. And even then, I am the mother, and I cannot be passing all of my children off on my oldest to let her take full responsibility. I leave the house once a week to go shopping.

Letting your child Cry It Out. I don't believe in this. I do believe in sleep training, but cry it out is not the way to go. It hurts my heart to hear my precious babies cry.

Letting your child do whatever he wants, whenever he wants. Your child hits and kicks and \screams and you do nothing about it? You coddle him and tell him in a simpering tone "Calm down Johnny" and then he bites you, and you chuckle and say "Boys will be boys!" Absolutely not! You discipline that child and make sure he never does it again! Whether you are a spanking parent or a non spanking parent, there are a thousand ways to discipline your child. 

Bed sharing. If you cannot get up in the middle of the night to attend to your baby, who should be sleeping on a separate surface from you, whether thats a crib by the bed, or in a completely different room, then that is lousy parenting at its finest. How do you think so many babies die? Daddy rolls on them, mommy smothered them with her boobs, something! Its so much safer to be near mommy, in a separate sleeping area.

Letting your children under 13 wander the streets in the neighborhood. I know a woman who lets her kids run rampant. They are allowed to go where they please as long as they are home by 7. It wasn't always this way. She let all of her children, including her babies, wander the streets all hours of the day and night! Then, one day a neighbor called the cops on her and now she makes them all come in at 7, but they still roam the streets during the day. 

Riding bikes with no protective gear. You must make your children wear their helmets, kneepads, and elbow pads! If they fall off their bikes and die because you didn't protect them, you will feel like a sorry mother or father... as you should!

Thats all I have for today. Love you all!


Sunday, September 7, 2014

Chicken Pox Party!

Nataleigh contracted a nasty bout of chicken pox from a child at school. I was a little concerned at first... my children don't usually get sick! Then, after doing some research, I decided to house a chicken pox party! We invited all of the little children from first through third grade, then  we had home made ice cream cake, a pinata, and more! It was a lot of fun, and we had a splended time. All of the mothers that came were grateful, now they don't have to get their children vaccinated!

I'm going to start looking around for a mumps party and more childhood illnesses so we can all go and become naturally immunized against these illnesses!

Much love and prayer,


Thursday, September 4, 2014

On Tumblr!

I have tumblr now! Join me at I can't wait to see all of your lovely smiling faces over there!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Thank you my lovely readers for reading my blog and sharing it with others! Thank you to those who don't understand my life who read and share with others.

I have a had a huge jump the past few months since I shared my perspective at Jill's wedding. I will be attending Jessa's as well. I simply adore those Duggars! Perhaps I will have as many children as they?

Thank you all who read, no matter what you believe.

I love you all!


I do have Facebook! Check it out and please follow me!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Why My Daughters Wont Watch Frozen

My daughters came home from school Friday telling me about a movie all of the other children were seeing. It sounded innocent enough, but just in case I decided to check it out.

The first issue I had with this movie was the children being up in the middle of the night to play in the snow. Even CREATING snow in the palace! Not that I recommend children going outside at night (I don't) but they should not have had snow in the house. Especially since the little girl didn't know how to turn it off!

The second issue I had was the overwhelming guilt Elsa's parents made her feel over accidentally hurting her sister. Yes, Elsa would have been guilty anyway. But forcing the doors of the palace to be shut, forcing Elsa to hide her powers, to wear gloves, instead of helping her transition, to help her find someone who could help her harness the power... well that was just wrong. The poor girl needed help, not harsh words and hiding.

One day, the gates were finally open. Anna finds a man who she immediately wants to marry. She goes against her big sisters wishes. As far as I'm concerned, her sister was over her, she should listen. Then Elsa goes running away from her problems instead of facing them.

The entire premise of the story runs along the lines of "Its bad to be different, don't be different. If they notice your different, run away. And don't come back until the problem has a solution, or is turned into an even bigger problem."

My daughters wont see it. I want my daughters to be unique in Christ. Although the sisterly love is there, which is a good concept to teach, they will likely look past that and see the rebellion, the running, and the other major issues logged in this movie and think it is okay.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Life Goes On

Today has been a normal run of the mill day. Nattie and Kailiegh went to school. Kaileigh came home with an A on her math homework... I am so proud of her. Nataleigh didn't want to share her grade, but thats okay.

Baileigh played with her dolls today. She likes to pretend to be Mommy. She can't wait to go to school  like the big girls do.

My precious little Matthew is eight months old. He is truly a blessing to me. He has started cruising around on furniture, and is becoming a big boy!

The twins are doing well. I felt them moving around today. So exciting!

I guess thats really it. I just wanted to check in and let everyone know how its going.

Much love to you all.


Monday, August 18, 2014

First Day of School

Today was the first day of school for my girls. I was anxious. They both are going into second grade. I decided today to allow them a little freedom. Its so scary. I was so tempted to go and watch them play at recess, to go and eat lunch with them, but I didn't. Yes, I really don't like the idea of them going to school, but at least its not a public school, at least they are with like minded individuals. Anything that comes up that is unnecessary for them to know about or anything with conflicting views from myself and my husband can easily be explained away. Hopefully we won't encounter this for a while. My children are strong. I have faith in how I have raised them. If they swing next to another kid on the playground, or say hi to a classmate, it isn't the end of the world.

It is still my job to protect them. I still need to guard their minds from influences that would be bad for them. I need to make sure they are kept safe in this world, that they stay children for as long as possible. I am the one who must guide them. God gave me these babies as precious gifts, and although I cannot keep them at home now, even though they are starting to fly away sooner than I wished for them to, maybe this is a good thing. I have to trust my babies. I have to trust that I am raising them the right way.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Happy Birthday To My Nataleigh!

Nataleigh is nine this Thursday. I am busy that day and will not be able to have a post up. I thought it might be nice if all of my sweet readers might wish my Natty a happy birthday? I am so sure she would adore it.

Happy birthday Natty dear. You have taught me so much about being a mummy. I adore you so much and wish you to be happy. It is so hard to believe you will be nine years old. It was only yesterday I had you in my arms as a tiny tiny baby. I didn't know how to be a mommy! You taught me how to be a mommy to you, and I hope I have served you well. I adore you my sweet sweet girl.

I will show Natty this post on Thursday, and if anyone would like to add their own comments to this post, I will make sure she sees them.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Naming the twins

Troy has agreed to let me name our son Bartholomew under the condition HE names our daughter. I was a bit taken aback by this, but I asked what he wanted to name our daughter. "Well, I like Kymberleigh, but not the way you spell it. I want it to be K-I-M-B-E-R-L-Y"

I can't do this. He can name our son Nathan. I don't have to like it.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

It's a Girl! And a Boy!

Yes dear readers, I am having twins! The shock is amazing to me. I shall adore these two tiny tots as they make their way through the world with each other by their sides. The girl of course is Kymberleigh Dayton. My husband wants to name the boy Nathan. We shall see if I cannot get him to choose Bartholomew Bonaparte. I willfully submit to his graces and whatever he wishes... but it doesn't mean I can't ask! I have never had twins before! I cannot wait! This is going to be exciting! Do any of you have experience with twins? What would you say to a first time twin mama?

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Nataleigh's birthday

Natty's birthday is coming up. She will turn 9. I can't decide what to get her! She is so interested in photography, maybe a camera? Maybe one of those old fashioned ones with film and everything. When she is older, if she keeps up with it I can buy her a digital or something. She also loves animals. Maybe a puppy? Oh my goodness, I can't decide!

Do any of you have any ideas?

Friday, July 25, 2014

Goodbye Brady

Today we went to the park and Brady's father came running to him. He hugged his son and vowed never to leave him again. He thanked me for keeping his son safe, shook my hand, and off they went.

Brady was a loving soul. I did manage to talk to him about Jesus a few times. He seemed really interested. I fell in love with this small boy, and I hope he is doing well with his father now. I also hope his father keeps his word, because what if I hadn't found him? What if it had been someone else? Someone who hurts small children? I shudder at the thought.

Perhaps we can visit sometimes. Maybe we will see him at the park again, with his father. Brady, if you ever read this, I truly hope you are doing well and that your life is good. I hope you go to church and accept Jesus as your personal savior. Be good my little one.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


The girls and I went to the park the other day, and I couldn't help but notice a small child running around. He had no sign of a parent with him.

Yesterday, it was the same story.

Today, I saw the poor boy again. I went to him and asked his name, how old he was, and where his parents were!

His name is Brady, he's 10, and his father dropped him off and left him behind.

I felt pity in my heart for him. I asked him if he would like to come home with me, have a hot meal, and stay with us for a while. He agreed.

How could someone abandon a child? I can't imagine leaving my Natty at the park alone.

After talking it over with my husband, we agreed to let the boy stay with us. Surely he is a lot safer with us, than roaming the park alone!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Cult Of Fast Food

Americans are so dumb and naive.
We are told on a constant basis that faster is better.
We are told regularly that we should always be in a rush.
We are told in multiple situations that eating out would be faster, easier, cheaper.
We are a nation of convenience.
Women are told they don't have to cook for their families.

These are lies being told by powerful people, to try to lure you in to obesity, laziness, and never having enough money.

These people run the restaurants, have all the big money. They are leaders of a cult! The cult of fast food!

You spend all your money on fast food, when it would be so much cheaper and healthier to make your own food. It is so much BETTER for you to cook your own food! It strengthens family bonds to have a home cooked meal together.

The cult leaders do not want you to know this. They want your heart, soul, and your money! They want to tear your children away from you. They work with the cult of electronics to steal your children. Your children, your precious children! They want you to buy Barbie on DVD so your child has no imagination and has to play with dolls exactly the way it is shown on tv. They want your children to cry for chicken nuggets so often you have no choice but to blow five dollars per kid on a Happy Meal. They are stealing your children!

I suppose its a cult of modernity. Yes, it is a cult to make you want the biggest and best toys, to never spend time with your family, to be alone forever. They are trying to wipe out the masses, only the strong will survive! You can stop this now! You can take your children off of fast food and away from electronics! They will hate you at first, but then they will love you. Oh how they will love you once they can see theres more to life than a tv or an IPhone, or a chicken sandwich from Chick Fil-A. They will love the rich home made meals you cook for them on a regular basis. They will love what their little brains can imagine, can think up once they get over the withdrawals of not having a tv or a phone. Send them outside! Make them explore! Let them be CHILDREN!

Get the kids out of the cult. The cult that says you MUST feed your children junk. You MUST not want to talk to your parents. It says you must want what THEY want you to have and nothing else! They will use tactics through Google, billboards, and more to get to you. They will raise arms with Satan and run after you! They will try to capture you! Do not let them! Fight back! Keep your children at home if you must! Protect them! And above all else... never stop trying to win your children back.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Thumb Sucking!

Baileigh is almost four. I'm not sure how it got started, but she sucks her thumb... a lot.

I thought maybe some of you would have a small child who needs a little help and guidance with the thumb sucking department.

First, we look at Baileigh and say sternly "THUMB!" The thumb comes out of her mouth. Clearly, she understands she should not suck her thumb.

The next time, I look at her and tell her to remove her thumb. She does.

The third time, I walk up to her and yank her thumb out of her mouth. This is done two or three times.

Finally, if she still hasn't stopped, when I yank her thumb out, I smack her hand. This is only used as a last resort, and usually does the trick when all else fails.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

God Makes No Mistakes

I heard this song the other day in church. It is beautiful and resonated with me. Here are the lyrics

Why, I've heard people say
Why is this tree bent
Why they don't have God enough to know
That's the way that it was meant
why is this little baby born
all twisted and out of shape
We're not to question what he does
God makes no mistakes

Why I've heard people say
Why is my child blind
Why is that old drunk still livin
When a daddy like mine is dyin
our blessed father gives us life
has the power to take it away
There's no reason for what he does
God makes no mistakes

Why I've heard people say
God cannot be alive
And all the things people say
Has to be a lie
When they're down and out
And they need a hand
And their very souls at stake
If they'll call on him and just believe
God makes no mistakes

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Feminism In Men

My husband wanted to do another guest post.

This is Troy. I was at work. A co-worker said that he was a feminist. I told him he was a wuss.

Feminism is a woman thinking she can be a man. A man can not be a feminist. If he is, he is a wuss. He is submitting to his wife. His wife needs to submit to him. I hate wussy men.

Men are not feminists. Men are either wussy or manly. Its your choice. We need manly men.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Pictures From Natty

Dishes at the end of the day
Matthew's Teethers
We love lemonade!
Natty loves cooking for us!

Turning the eggs

Jelly for our belly!

My husband loves this for dessert.

The only jelly I buy my family.

The end result of the eggs!
Laundry day is tomorrow!
Natty can't wait!

Cute kitty


Saturday, July 5, 2014


I just learned I don't have to go shopping anymore!

There is a way to order organic food online, and have it shipped right to my door! This is incredible! Some stores will allow you to look up the various food items and then ORDER it to come right at your door! My weakness is Quaker Oats Apples and Cinnamon. I looked, and WalMart will  ship it right to my door! Oh happy day! Now I can stay home and tend to my garden, and watch my children grow, and never worry about a thing again!

My husband thinks this idea is grand. He says I leave the children alone too often, and this will make for a better way of life for all.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th Of July!

Sitting watching the fireworks... how beautiful they are!

Well, I guess I should tell you we aren't allowed back at the park. Someone saw Baileigh make a mess in her skirt, and as we all walked away, they noticed we had all peed on the ground. The cops were called and we were told not to go back to the park. Oh well.

Today, we remember our love for our country. It moves me. I feel I can do anything, in this land of the free, home of the brave. Of course, I know it is just the romance of the holiday. I'm so glad we take one special day out of the year to remember our founding fathers, to be glad we are free!

Nataleigh wanted to light fireworks, but I told her that is the boys job. She pouted, but I allowed her a sparkler to wave around. Joshua had fun helping his father and Troy light them and throwing those little gunpowder balls at the ground. Elizabeth and I sat and watched with contentment in our hearts.

Its so sad we are so busy to remember Freedom, but today is the day we all can remember it.

Thank you Heavenly Father for our freedom.

In God We Trust



We are getting chickens!!! I can't wait! Soon we will have our own eggs and chicken meat and it will be oodles of fun! I can't believe we're getting chickens!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Meal Time

I make sure all of my children eat very well.

Matthew still gets breast milk, but he is slowly starting solids, so sometimes he will have a bite of our food.

For breakfast every day, my girls eat an egg, half a peach, and a piece of toast. This is breakfast every morning, no matter what. Matthew gets a little bit of peach mooshed up.

For lunch, we have sandwiches. I believe in not feeding my daughters anything canned or processed, so we buy whole tilapia, tuna, catfish, whatever fish we want. For sandwiches, I take the whole fish and grind it up, add mayo and relish and serve on bread. This is lunch every day. Sometimes, I will buy a whole pig and we will have ham sandwiches or BLT's made from home made bacon, home grown tomatoes, and home grown lettuce. We don't even use the farmers market, because its cheaper this way.

For dinner, we usually have something simple I can throw in the crock pot: pinto beans, soups, stuff like that. I prefer to not have to cook a lot, so every little bit helps.

We make our own bread. I usually buy ingredients in bulk, and have it all prepared in a couple of gallon sized ziplock bags. Then all I have to do is toss it and the yeast and the liquids into the bread machine and let it do all the work! We have wonderful home made bread.

I feel good knowing my girls are eating good.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

How to Handle Your Periods (For Women Only)

I had a sweet lady write and ask what I did for my periods.

Firstly, disposable pads and tampons are very toxic to your system. They cause foul odors and make you itchy and uncomfortable. Tampons are the worst things you can ever stick inside of you. The only thing that should ever go inside of you is your husbands penis, and your baby coming out of the womb. Pads and tampons can cause yeast infections and Urinary Tract Infections.

I use cotton pads. I actually just take a stretch of cotton  and fold it up and lay it in my underwear. When it gathers up enough blood, I refold it to where the blood is in the back, and the front is fresh and clean. I can use a pad a day using this method.

As soon as I am done, I put the pad in the sink, mix cold water and peroxide and let it sit. Then, after the blood has come out, I immediately throw it in the washing machine and let it wash. Peroxide isn't good for your insides either, but it is fabulous at taking out blood! Thats why you must immediately wash the pads when you are done. Sometimes I use lemon juice as a bleaching effect. I never use bleach unless the pad is too stained, and then, I will wash the pad two or three times to make sure it isn't going to hurt me.

I hope you all have enjoyed this, and that it helps you out.

Love, Ashleigh

Monday, June 30, 2014

Why We Wear Long Skirts

A couple of years ago, I was inspired by Erika Shupe of Large Families on Purpose. She had a great thinking for why women should wear skirts. I do NOT agree with her short hair, and feel like it is against God's Word to have short hair, especially if you are a Bible believing Christian woman.

Erika said that if you wear pants, a mans eyes can go up your leg and imagine your crotch. You basically put it all out there for him wearing pants! After reading this, my conviction of wearing skirts became stronger. Then I realized, you need to wear LONG skirts, because if you wear a knee legnth skirt, you are giving the same effect. Actually, wearing anything shorter than ankle length can make a man imagine getting under that skirt, and it provides easier access! If your skirt is ankle length though, a man will not have the same thoughts, because you are not showing anything that he can see to put the missing pieces together.

So we wear long skirts to help fight against the rape culture we live in. We also wear shirts up to our collarbones. My daughters always wore skirts or dresses from the day they were born. I had someone tell me, they wouldn't learn to walk or crawl! Well, my daughters did not have any issue learning to walk. Crawling encourages getting into things at such a young age, that we feel its best that they don't learn anyway. So dresses on my baby girls helps them to learn control and patience.

Matthew is crawling right now, but I won't inhibit him. For one thing, skirts are not for boys. For another, little boys DO need to learn about how things work from a young age in order to be the man of God they are called to be.

My girls love their skirts anyway. We buy frilly colorful dresses that make them all oh so happy!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Let's Be Honest


How many of you try to juggle a full time job, kids, and making your home look neat? Its hard isn't it? Your husband expects you to handle it too!

Its time to take a stand ladies. Get out of that job, or find one that allows you to work from home, or find a job you can take the kiddos to. Tell your husband you are a MOTHER, WIFE, and HOME MAKER. In order to be a proper woman and a testament to God's will, you need to take charge of YOUR position in the home, and tell your husband that it is a sin for you to be away from your home and children, and you wont stand for it. Tell him you will not work a job that will take you away from home and the children. You do not want strangers watching your children. You do not want your house to be a mess. You do not want him to come home to anything less than a home cooked meal!

Men: When your wives do this, please remember God created them to be keepers of the home. Don't let them sin. Of course, they MUST submit to you, so if you say no, thats fine. But women cannot be expected to juggle a job away from their home and their children.

Women, if your husband says go to work, then go to work. But it would be in your best interest to try to work from home if you must work. Or do like I did, and find a little job working the nursery!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Matthew, Jobs

I honestly adore my little son. He is my first. It breaks my heart that I need to train him. He is starting to crawl and get into things. I can't decide which method of training to go with.

Perhaps Elizabeth and I can train our babies together.

On another note, a lovely opportunity arose. Troy and I believe it is better than the previous option of starting my own business, where I could be interacting with the unwashed masses. The church nursery needs workers two days a week and they are paying 10 dollars an hour! So I work  four hours on Sunday and Wednesday playing with beautiful children and get paid to do it! How fun!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A New Business!

My husband has agreed that I can begin a business and start selling trinkets and such. I can't wait! I'm not sure yet what I am going to make or sell, but I will look forward to sharing it with you as we travel on this journey together! My children have the house held down pretty well for the summer, so what a marvelous time to try something new!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

About Natty

I told Troy about the apparent laws against a 13 year old getting married. He said he would check into it. After a day or two passed, he said that we don't want trouble with the law, and age of consent is 16. So Natty will wait eight years to marry. I am relieved. I'm not sure how Joshua's family feels about it, but we shall pray for the best.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

A Fraud!?

Yesterday I was in attendance at the wedding of Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard. I will not be sharing photos because there was explicit orders to not take any pictures of the wedding. So, I did not get any pictures. It was a beautiful wedding, and it was especially touching when they shared their first kiss. It wasn't the least bit awkward. In fact, it was really nice. Derick then grabbed Jill's hand, and they ran out the sanctuary! So sweet! The after party was at the Duggar home, and it was lovely. There were friends and food and happiness. My children played with the Duggar children and everyone got along and had a blast.

 Today, I come back to find out that I am a fraud. Lori Alexander and her husband, who so wisely counseled me not too long ago, have claimed that I am a fake and a spoof.

 First of all, it is NOT Christlike to be mean, so I will not state anything mean.

 Secondly, I was called to be a wife and a mother when I was 13. Prior to that, I had a dream of wanting to be a singer/songwriter. I had already written several songs, and they really were quite good. I was home schooled. My parents discouraged my dreams, but I kept dreaming. One day, my mother pulled me aside and told me that women could not ever be truly happy away from home. If I really wanted to pursue my dream, she wouldn't stop me, but I would soon learn her words were true. My Uncle Larry loaded me up in his truck and we went to Nashville. I stayed in Nashville for two months trying to break in as a tiny songstress. Dolly Parton and Brenda Lee were my heros, and I wanted to be just like them.

After two months, there was nothing in sight. The record producers told me I was too young. One even told me to come back in ten years. I kept pushing, but there was nothing. I went to bed and cried myself to sleep.

The next morning I asked my Uncle to take me home. I tried, but failed. So he took me home, and I began my new dream of being a stay at home mother.

I met my husband Troy ten years ago. My father pushed courtship, and we obliged. We were allowed to hold hands and hug, and that was all. We had a chaperone on us at all times. I saved my first kiss for the alter, just like Derick and Jill. We were married January 25th 2005.

We had Nataleigh August 14th 2005. She was my first baby, and I was so proud of her. I loved getting to watch her walk and crawl. She was a month early so I was scared.

February 5th 2008 we had Kaileigh. Baileigh came along January 9th 2010. And Matthew came to us Christmas day of 2013.

My husband believes in raising an army for God. He wants us to raise our children to be Godly children. I want him to be happy. I was taught to submit to my husband. No, I don't necessarily LIKE the idea of my daughter being married off at 13. But my husband knows best, because he was raised to be a Man Of God. I'm just a woman. What do I know besides babies and housekeeping?

Modesty for Men

Today, I saw a little boy in the grocery store. He was about a year old, and his parents had him in nothing but a diaper. This tore me up.

Heres the deal. We need to teach our sons early how to be modest. Yes, because they need to know. They need to save their bodies for their wedding day.

First rule of Modesty For Men is always wear a shirt. Not just any shirt either. Wife beaters and unacceptable. Tank tops are unacceptable. Crazy letters or words or sayings are unacceptable. They must be plain, and they must have sleeves. It must not be tight. It must be loose and comfortable. Style doesn't matter as long as you wear sleeves, and aren't wearing a shirt that looks painted on.

Second rule of modesty: Wear pants. I do not care if its hot. Women wear long skirts, so you can wear pants. No holes, no sagging. Nobody wants to see your underwear or your knees or thighs. Be modest. Yes, you can buy a pair of track pants to go swimming in. Same rule as with the shirts: Nothing painted on or wild.

Third rule of modesty: Keep your hands out of your pants. If your mother didn't teach you this, then she needs to be whipped. Grabbing your private area is not attractive, and certainly not modest. Please do not bring attention to your groin.

Are there any other ideas my lovely readers might have today for the men reading this post?

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Manly Men

My wonderful husband is guest posting today with a word for all the Manly Men who guide and protect their wives and children.

Hello, my name is Troy. Ashleigh is my wife. Today we need to talk about something important. We need to talk about being Men. Not just men, but Manly Men.

Scenario: Your daughter asks for a car when she is 16 Do you
A: Buy her a car. She's daddy's princess!
B: Make her work and earn the money for a car.
C: Make her wait until she is married.

If you chose A or B, you are wrong. If you chose C, why is your daughter not already under a husbands authority? Your daughter became a woman three years ago, and she should have been married then, so she could produce and raise an army for Christ.
It isn't too late. I know its hard to let your daughter go, but you need to do it. You need to suck back the tears, and go into this feeling NO EMOTION. This is critical. You must be unfeeling as you give your daughter to another man. Otherwise, you are weak. You will have raised a spoiled daughter who may stay at home until you die. You DO NOT want that.
Manly Men make difficult decisions on a regular basis. The key is to never use your emotions to guide you. That is what females do, which is why my wife wants to birth at home. Why my wife wants to keep our daughters at home. She is using her EMOTIONS. I refuse to let my family be ruled by EMOTIONS. Therefor, always go against the emotion. Then, and only then will you be a true manly man.

Your house catches fire. Get the kids out. Get your wife out. Do not cry. Watch the house burn to the ground. No emotion.

You lose your job. You spend all day every day going out and finding a job until you have one. Do not let your family know. No emotion. Trust me, you will have a job within a week if you hit up every place in town. After you have contacted them all, contact them again. No emotion.

The role of the Man is to get things done. Don't be a sissy or a pansy. Just Get. It. Done.
Thank you.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Spring Cleaning!

It is that lovely time of year, spring cleaning! Normally, we have the house spotless on a daily basis! Now that I am pregnant, we really need to get cracking on some areas in the house that aren't always at their best.

For instance, the tops of the ceiling fans. Sure, nobody can see the tops of them. But if enough dust accumulates and you turn them on, your guests will be smattered with dust! Not acceptable. You must dust those ceiling fans girls!

I've also given up harsh chemicals. It's not good for the baby, or for the girls when they are cleaning. So instead, we mix lemon juice and vinegar together and have a super amazing cleaner! It cleans anything and everything. That and a rag is really all we need to get the house spotless! We also fill up a mop bucket with this simple cleaning solution to clean our hardwood floors

Make sure if you use curtains to wash them every three to six months. You can't dust them, but they accumulate much yuck!

I recently learned that diatomaceous earth makes a wonderful bug repellent. So we mix some up in a bottle with some water so we have a spray instead of powder mucking up my beautiful home.

Baileigh loves to clean the toilet. I'm not sure why, but its one less thing I have to worry about!
Kaileigh is in charge of the bedrooms
Nataleigh is in charge of the living room and kitchen.

Have a beautiful wonderful day friends!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Get Thee Behind Me Satan!

The Devil is trying to pull us down! But we won't let him win!

It started with that EVIL DOLL that kept making its way to my sweet boy Matthew. Then, the children playing with the heathens next door. Then Kaileigh whining about being a doctor. It continues to get worse and SATAN CAN'T BRING ME DOWN!

My husbands car broke down. He had to ride his bike to work and was thirty minutes late.

Baileigh was running barefoot and cut her foot on some glass. It was bad, I had to sew it back together. However, she did learn her lesson about running, so maybe that was a God thing.

Joshua (Nataliegh's intended) drinks Mt. Dew. What kind of parent lets their child put that kind of poison in their body? They also vaccinated their six month old. Horrifying! Anyway, Joshua let Nataleigh have some Mt. Dew and now she is ADDICTED! I'm afraid we may have to perform an exorcism.

And finally, that evil doll made its way BACK into my house! I found it in Matthew's crib this morning! I screamed and Nataleigh came running. When she saw the doll, she yanked it out of the crib. "MY doll!" she said. "Matthew, you can't have it!" and ran off. I chased her down and told her I needed the doll. I told her Mommy would make her a nice new one, but she wasn't having it. Finally, she went outside and I took the doll and threw it down the garbage disposal. I pray it works.

Dear Heavenly Father we just ask that you SEND SATAN AWAY from this house! Make Satan FLEE! Set your angels around our home and our children. Prevent ANY AND ALL ATTACKS from Satan from entering our humble abode. Please free Natty from her addictions, and stick some common sense into that mother of his about the evils of soda and vaccinations.

I love you Lord Jesus! Bless this home!


Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Great Name Debate

My husband asked me what I had thought about naming our child. I told him "Kymberleigh Dayton and Bartholomew Bonaparte." He said "If you want to name our daughter Kymberleigh, thats on you. But no son of mine will be named Bartholomew." "Well what kind of name do YOU think is appropriate for the Man Of God our son will be someday?" I asked. "I believe we will name our son Nathan." he said. My jaw dropped. Before I could say anything, he said "Now remember, YOU are naming the girls, and I am naming the boys. That was the agreement after you named our first two."

I have to submit to my husband, but I am not happy about it. Please pray he sees reasoning and common sense. Can you imagine? Nathan! What a horrid, COMMON name!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Joshua's mother

Nataleigh's intended Joshua has a mother who I have become quite fond of. And now, she has her own blog! See it here

To the Doctor!

My husband insisted we see a doctor this time around for the baby. See, last time we had complications with preeclampsia and our little bub nearly didn't make it. My husband intervened during my home birth and forced me in the car and to the hospital. I'm sure if he had not intervened, we would have been fine, but my husband insists we go to the doctor to make sure I and our newest child go to the doctor. He has compromised, and if all is well, we will use a midwife instead.

I am about eight weeks along. We heard the heartbeat of our youngest child. When I asked if it was a boy or girl, the doctor told us we can't know that for at least another ten weeks! Hmph! Some doctor! My midwife knows all the tricks and has accurately predicted each of my baby's gender from day one!

When I got home, Kaileigh started up again about wanting to be a doctor. I told her UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES would ANY daughter of mine be a doctor! Kaileigh went to her room and cried. Oh well. A child must have her dreams crushed to be subservient and follow the will of God. I remember when my parents crushed my dream of becoming a singer. Best thing that ever happened to me! Now I am a joyful mother and wife. Kaileigh will thank me when she is older.

Friday, June 13, 2014


Today, my heart is filled with sorrow. I left the girls at home while I went grocery shopping. When I came back, I saw a horrible sight. My children were playing with other children. Apparently there is a house right next door, and they have three children, around the same ages as my daughters. The problem is, I don't know these children. Most likely, they go to public school and have ungodly influences in their lives. I simply can't handle it. I scurried the girls back into the house. I told them they are to never go outside when I am not home ever again. I have been ignoring them all day. My heart is too heavy to deal with this.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Nataleigh's Intended

Nataleigh is eight years old. Today, her father brought home a ten year old boy. He introduced Nataleigh to the boy, who's name is Joshua. What a strong biblical name! My husband told me we are renting out our guest house to Joshua and his family because my husband intends on having Joshua and Nataleigh marry when Nataleigh turns 13. My baby girl is growing up so fast! She will be 13 in just five short years! Time flies...

The Doll

Today, I put Matthew on the floor to play while I went to check on our little garden. When I came back in, the sight in front of me was horrifying. Matthew had Nataleigh's doll. He was hugging it, and chewing on it. I shouted NO! and snatched the doll from him and gave him a squeaky ball instead. He looked at me and cried. "Matty" I said "Dolls are for girls! You can play with squeaky ball!" and put the doll away on my bedside table. He kept crying. He finally forgot about the doll, and we ate lunch. After lunch, we cleaned up and laid down for a nap. An hour later, I heard him squealing with joy. I went to go look... the doll had fallen off the table and into his crib. I took the doll away again, and gave him another toy. Later that evening, my husband came to me and said "Why is Matthew playing with a doll?" I went and I looked, and sure enough, that SAME DOLL had found its way back over to Matthew. I shouted "This doll is possessed!" and threw it in the garbage. I pray the doll doesn't find its way back in the house.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

I Have Wonderful News...

I'm pregnant! I just got done taking the test. The urine isn't even dry yet, but I am going to be a mommy again! I can't wait! The girls cant wait either. If it's a girl, her name will be Kymberleigh Dayton. If its a boy his name will be Bartholomew Bonaparte. I can't wait!

Monday, June 9, 2014

My daughter and the park

Lately, I have taken to taking my daughters to the park. Going down the slide was one of my biggest joys as a child, and I couldn't bear to let them go without.

Recently, I discovered a secret. How many times do you take your child out, and suddenly you need to go use the little girls room? And as soon as you get there, you notice the place is a cold wet concrete cell, with obvious signs of people urinating all over the place? And nobody ever cleans it up, so you never want to go in there?

I was dreading this one day. Before we went to the park, I had an idea!

I changed into a loose ankle length skirt and two inch heels. I dressed my daughters in flip flops and ankle length skirts. None of us wore any underwear.

When we got to the park, naturally everyone had to go potty! I whispered to the girls to spread their legs while standing, and just pee right where they stood! And it worked! Because of our ankle length skirts, we were able to modestly pee in public, and then be on our merry way.

Park day is the girls favorite day of the week. Its the only day of the week they are allowed to go without underwear, and it really does make life easier!

My Husband Is Good To Me

I have been harboring anger in my heart towards my husband because of the way he wants our children to be schooled. I want them safe at home with me. He wants them out in the world.

Erin from Keeper Of The Homestead suggested I think of ways that my husband is good to me and my family as a way to let loose of the anger harbored in my heart.

My husband is not a child abuser.
My husband is a Godly leader.
My husband does not tolerate sin.
My husband is not a drunk.
My husband loves the children.
My husband really wants whats best for the children (even if I don't agree)
My husband is a good worker
My husband is good at managing money.
My husband wants whats best for me.
My husband loves Jesus.
My husband loves me.

I do feel a little better now.

Lori Alexander's husband Ken stated that I should wait it out and see how the girls do. If they consistently show a love of Jesus and are around the right people, then they will be okay. If they start souring of sin, then correct the situation.

I am genuinely glad for online friends who can guide me along my parenting journey.