Saturday, August 17, 2013

My husband

I'm not sure where we went wrong. My husband says he wants the girls to go to school. He wants to enroll them in a private school. He says I am isolating them. That I can't protect them forever.
Of course I can protect them forever! If we send them to any school they are likely to learn things....
He is trying to appeal to me. He wants to send them to a very conservative Baptist school. I don't.
I have to submit. But I will do my research on the benefits of keeping my babies at home where they belong.


  1. Your husband sounds very wise.

    Firstly, your daughters do need an education, this is very important for both boys and girls. They need to be well grounded in all the basics at least and not just how to keep a house – far more than that.

    Secondly, you cannot protect your daughters forever, you are not asked to in the Bible, that is what faith is all about – trusting in the Lord, even when they are at school – don’t you trust the Lord? It sounds like your husband does? They will learn all sorts of things, but as Christians, they will know what is right and what is wrong – and at a private school they will be taught Christian values. Isolating them will only cause grief down the track, it’s like creating a prison for them – do you want that for them? These girls will grow up, developed their own personalities and will need to mix with the community around them, they cannot be isolated from it. They will meet men and find a husband. How are they going to interact with other people if you don’t let them? Don’t let your fears imprison your children. Find the joy around you – it is there and let your daughters find that joy too. I went to a private Christian school and had a wonderful time and made many lovely friends.

  2. I've read through some of your blog posts and I have a serious question for you. Are you insane? From what I can gather from your posts (your beliefs about tampons, public schools, men, etc.), you do not seem mentally stable.

    1. I suppose you could say I am insane... insane for Jesus and my family! If loving my Lord and wanting the best for my family is insanity, then I will proudly bear that cross.

  3. Ashleigh, I have a hard truth to share with you. Your husband was divinely placed in authority over you, and you must submit and obey him no matter what. What you *can* do as keeper of the home and your children's hearts is to go over their textbooks with a fine toothed comb. Point out the errors (especially in science and history) and let them know that even though these concepts may be the correct answers on the test, they are false teaching. Keep a close watch on their conversation and attitudes, and be prepared to nip any worldly ideas in the bud. When they are not in school, try "tomato staking" in which the children are in the same room with you at all times. Never never allow them to form friendships with the children at school, so as to avoid peer pressure. It also wouldn't hurt to double down on discipline and Scripture memorization, and of you don't already have them, invest in recordings of hymns and good preaching and play them in the house and in the car. You have a heavy burden, sister, but as a keeper at home, it is your calling. One more thing, when you send them to school, always make sure that they have a good supply of gospel tracts with them to hand out and have them witness at every opportunity. If they must have contact with worldly people, they can at least be salt and light

  4. Your right too be worried. Their are people who are not Baptist who send their kids to conservative schools. I have 7 , ages 17, 15, 14, 12, 10, 8, and 2 plus three in heaven and one on the way. Not one of them have ever seen the inside of a school and never will as long as I'm alive my 4 daughters learned as soon as they could talk that the only answer to "what do you want to be when you grow up? Is A wife and mommy. They have been taught cooking cleaning and child care skills. None of them boys or girls have ever even heard of the devil's lie that is evolution, sex education, recycling and other new age balony. My sons are getting training to have home businesses to support thier future familys. All you can do is pray that your husband will see the light and let your children be at home.

  5. People public and private schools have their ups and their downs. Your child will not for by being introduced to the world. Honestly your just asking for rebellion. Over protected children often go do the very thing they are told not to do and there isn't a damn thing you can do about it. Let them make their own mistakes and make friends their age at a school that teaches some of the values you want don't over protect them. I would appreciate a response. Good day.

  6. oh no! God forbid they learn things...

  7. "If we send them to any school they are likely to learn things...." Good lord, I hope so!


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