Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The simple rules of modesty

My eldest daughter Nataleigh surprised me today. We were at a thrift store to buy the kiddos new shoes when Nattie says
"Mom, I want this."
It was a dress. It had no sleeves. It was sparkly.
"No!" I cried indignantly. "That is not modest!"
"What's wrong with it mama? Its so pretty!"
It attracts attention to your busom! I replied fervently. An elderly woman behind me laughed and said "That child ain't got boobs"
It doesn't matter. My daughter was not going to wear sparkles or sleeveless things because it attracts attention to her body. I don't want anyone looking at my baby with lust.
No pants. Long skirts only. Sleeves to her elbows. NO SPARKLES. No open toed shoes.
My daughter won't be a harlot.


  1. Showing your toes doesn't make you a harlot. Being a shameless slut does

  2. You are a servant of Satan, the Great Deceiver. I wanted to show this to my husband so that he'd understand why I only allow our daughters to wear long dresses but when he looked at it one of the ads was showing a woman in a very revealing "prom" dress. Now he is filled with lust and it's ALL YOUR FAULT. He wants to be intimate even though it isn't the third Friday of the month. Now I'm afraid he will fornicate. You are the most evil of sinners and Jesus hates you for tempting others to sin! I hope you burn forever for what you have done.

  3. but being a sparkly harlot is fun


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