Saturday, July 27, 2013

Real life examples of God's love

Have you ever had a dog? They are so loyal and loving. They are actually the perfect example of God.
God backwards is Dog. Dogs are friendly and loyal. Anything you do to them, and they still love and adore you. God is the same way.
Ever pet another dog, and come home to find your dog sniffing you, and then being hurt? Or have two dogs try to fight for your affections? They are loyal and loving, but they are also jealous. God is the same way. He is jealous when you put others in front of him... just like dogs!
Its a great way to teach kids about God.


  1. God is never jealous. Jealousy/Envy is one of the 7 deadly sins. You claim to be all about God and you didn't know that? God is hurt when we put other things above him, but jealous??? NEVER.

    1. Dear Anonymous-

      Ashleigh is right. The Bible says, "....for I the LORD thy God am a jealous God...." (Exodus 20:15) That's part of the Ten Commandments in fact.

      Because of his Divine nature, jealousy is not a sin for God. But it is a sin for us mortals.

      My dog likes raw broccoli.

      In His Name and Mine,



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