Sunday, July 21, 2013


This was a hard post to name. I had an experience today that is difficult to process.
The girls stayed home while I went to run errands. I stopped to use the little girls room, and was shocked to find a MAN in the WOMEN'S room! He was changing his daughters diaper. I asked him why he was in the women's room and he told me the men's room does not have a changing table. I asked where his wife was, and he said he was a single dad.
I am still trying to process this. On the one hand, men should never be in the women's restroom. Never. However, this poor soul did not have a choice! His wife ran off to God knows where and now this poor man has to change his daughters diaper in the women's room.
Its confusing as well for that poor baby girl. Even if the men's room DID have a changing table, little girls should not be in the men's room.
Its that baby I feel sorry for. She hasn't got a mama to teach her right from wrong.
Later, while checking out, a handsome young man was in front of me in line buying tampons.
First of all, tampons are evil. Secondly, they are not enviornmentally friendly. Cloth pads are better. And lastly, why is a man buying women's products anyway??? This is scandelous! Men should not know about periods or what we use to keep them at bay! I prayed over him.
This is a strange world we live in. I am glad I protect my girls from The World.


  1. Tampons are Satan's fingers. You were right to pray.

    1. I do not know about that... my daughters will use homemade cloth pads when it is there time, but only because they are not married.

    2. No, encourage them to continue using cloth pads. You don't want them to experience pleasure from anything not attached to their husbands, do you? That way danger and illicit pleasure lie.

      As for keeping your period private from your husband, can you give me some pointers on how to do that? I am afraid that I have a very *loving* husband, and I believe that it is God's will that I demonstrate that love in return and submit at his request. Which means that sometimes, I have to find other ways of submitting, but he's not always pleased with what I offer, so I have to reveal that I am menstruating. Any advice would be sooo appreciated!

      Bless you for your blog, my dear sister in Christ.

    3. I tell my husband I am infertile this week. Since sex is only for babies, my husband accepts that and we move on with life.

    4. Try blow jobs

  2. How are they evil? Do tampons have a soul? Hahahha what does being married have to do with tampons? A tampon cannot be inserted far enough or with enough force to break the hymen. How can you be so fucking stupid? Go fuck yourself you stupid ignorant bitch. God hates you for the lies you tell and the stupid, hate-filled beliefs. Hell has a special place for fucking racist stupid pigs like you.

  3. What is a man doing raising a child? Men should NOT change diapers. If he is a single father he should arrange for a female relative to take the child or at least hire a woman to look after it. I could never respect a man who would change diapers, or anything that is in women's proper role. He might as well go ahead and put on a skirt and be done with it!

  4. godly-young-widowJune 24, 2014 at 8:26 PM

    I find this post very interesting. As a widow, I do wonder, perhaps this man is a single dad because his wife died? You were right to pray for him; perhaps no one else does. I hope your prayers for him are answered, and he is able to find help raising his little girl, and maybe find another wife.
    When I was a pre-teen, disposable pads with adhesive were a novelty, and that's all I know. I thought before that women had to pin the pads to their underwear. But cloth pads? Where do you buy them? Or do you make them yourself? I'd like to learn how, or do you sell them?
    Oh, yes, and my late husband bought pads for me once. Only because I was laid up that month and couldn't buy them myself. He had to call me at the store and ask which ones, but he did fine. This man may have been doing the same thing.
    Isn't it amazing how a simple thing like running errands can bring out so many opportunities to pray for people?

  5. He said he was a single dad. The baby's mom could have died for all you know. It is NONE of your F*CKING business anyway. A guy changing a diaper offends you? You need a shrink NOW. Don't pass go, don't collect your $200 - GO SEE A SHRINK NOW!

  6. As godly-young-widow posted above, there are times when a woman, for whatever reasons, is not able to go to the store and purchase her own sanitary products. I found myself in that particular situation after a very nasty surgery. My sweet husband didn't think twice. He asked what kind I needed, and he went and got them for me. I'm a very lucky lady.

  7. Real men change diapers and buy feminine hygiene products.


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