Friday, June 28, 2013

Girls are not independant

A dear friend of mine told me her three month old daughter was incredibly independant. The thought made me laugh out loud.
It is in a girls nature to be submissive. After all, we were made to be man's helpmeet. If a female... especially a BABY is not submissive, her parents failed somewhere along the way and planted seeds of rebellion.
Girls dont really want to do it all. They are conditioned to believe they do.


  1. Can you prove the existence of god? Show me without using the bible some evidence he is real! You can't because it is faith not fact that you base your live on. You don't even realise that there are many gospels that have been edited and many left out of the bible altogether. Go to the Vatican City if you want to know the real truth of the scriptures, but then the truth would interfere with your hatred and ignorance, and you are too self righteous to admit you are not only wrong but evil and you are one of the devils minions. Admit that you don't know god exists but have faith that there is some truth in what is written in the storybook called the bible and your faith will be stronger then ever, but as Satans tool of hatred you would never accept and love others.

  2. To think of gender in such essential terms does damage to all genders. If your friend says her daughter is independent, then how cab you assume you know her child better than she does? Shame on you!


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