Sunday, June 23, 2013


My sweet girls did the most amazing thing. They cleaned the house for me while I went grocery shopping! What a joy and a blessing it was to come home to a neat and tidy house! When Troy got home, I told him what had happened and he praised the girls for being who God intended them to be!


  1. So you left your daughters at home alone?

    1. Of course! Nataleigh is seven years old and perfectly capable of running the house while I am away.

    2. That is illegal where I live! We are not allowed to leave our children at home alone till they are 12 years of age!
      Not that I would; anything could happen my children are my responsibility not my older children's! What if someone broke in and hurt them who would protect them?

    3. Nataleigh is eight. She is perfectly capable of keeping up with her siblings. She is a dead aim with a shot gun, and knows what to do in all possible crises and emergencies. We have a home phone, and she knows how to dial 911.

  2. Your blog is an excellent source of entertainment. Or should I say, "entert-eigh-nment".



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