Friday, June 28, 2013

Girls are not independant

A dear friend of mine told me her three month old daughter was incredibly independant. The thought made me laugh out loud.
It is in a girls nature to be submissive. After all, we were made to be man's helpmeet. If a female... especially a BABY is not submissive, her parents failed somewhere along the way and planted seeds of rebellion.
Girls dont really want to do it all. They are conditioned to believe they do.

Thursday, June 27, 2013


Nataleigh wants to be a mommy so bad. If it weren't for the fact that formula is really not good for babies, I would let her take care of her new baby brother.  She learns so quickly... she will be the best big sister ever.
Baileigh is still a little off about being a big sister but I know she will come around.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I won't see a doctor

I won't see a doctor during my pregnancy. I won't go to the hospital to deliver. I will be at home. My husband won't be there. The girls may be near to watch. But I will birth alone.
Our bodies are designed to handle childbirth. We don't need help. Do you think Eve had anyone around when she gave birth? I doubt it.
Think about it. If Eve can do it, so can we.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Every knee will bow

My bible says that EVERY knee will bow and EVERY tounge will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. That means Christians, athiests, muslims, buddists, and everyone of every religion or non religion. Sorry guys, that's just the way it is.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

That time of year!

A friend of mine and I were talking today. I mentioned I had the worst yeast infection of my life. She mentioned that at work she has noticed women buying yeast infection products like crazy.
Ladies, I know it hurts. I know it itches. But try to hold out a little. It will clear up on its own. If it isn't cleared up in two weeks, try natural cures. In all seriousness, medicine is bad for you. You only need natural herbs, and lots of prayer. Its only a yeast infection.


My sweet girls did the most amazing thing. They cleaned the house for me while I went grocery shopping! What a joy and a blessing it was to come home to a neat and tidy house! When Troy got home, I told him what had happened and he praised the girls for being who God intended them to be!

Saturday, June 22, 2013


My sweet girl Baileigh asked me today why I was having another baby. I sat her down and explained that babies are a gift from God, and we should be blessed by them.
"But I'm the baby Mommy" she said sweetly.
I explained she was a big girl now. She can walk and talk and do things for herself. She is not a baby. I also told her she could help her sisters take care of her new brother while Mommy was busy. She ran off to play with jer toys. I think this will be a beautiful thing.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Hello world

Hello world,
My name is Ashleigh. I am dipping my big toe into the world of blogging.
Life is all about God. Then my husband, Troy. Then my kiddos. There's Nataleigh, Kaileigh, and Baileigh. They are my pride and joy. Nataleigh is seven. She is smart as a whip. You don't have to teach her anything. She learns by watching. Kayleigh is five. She is my boogerbear. She is soooo funny and knows how to make mama laugh. Baileigh is 2 1/2. She is such a sweet little doll. Due December 2nd is our first boy, Matthew.
I stay at home with my darling babies. Nataleigh is anxiously awaiting Matthew's birth. She wants to play Mommy, which is great for me! I will have a little helper to change diapers, and entertain the baby while I clean. Of course, I will nurse, but Nataleigh can help with everything else. Kaileigh can help Natty some. It will be a beautiful thing watching my babies learn how to be mommas.
I sincerely hope you all will come by and see more.