Saturday, August 17, 2013

My husband

I'm not sure where we went wrong. My husband says he wants the girls to go to school. He wants to enroll them in a private school. He says I am isolating them. That I can't protect them forever.
Of course I can protect them forever! If we send them to any school they are likely to learn things....
He is trying to appeal to me. He wants to send them to a very conservative Baptist school. I don't.
I have to submit. But I will do my research on the benefits of keeping my babies at home where they belong.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Real life examples of God's love

Have you ever had a dog? They are so loyal and loving. They are actually the perfect example of God.
God backwards is Dog. Dogs are friendly and loyal. Anything you do to them, and they still love and adore you. God is the same way.
Ever pet another dog, and come home to find your dog sniffing you, and then being hurt? Or have two dogs try to fight for your affections? They are loyal and loving, but they are also jealous. God is the same way. He is jealous when you put others in front of him... just like dogs!
Its a great way to teach kids about God.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

My sister came to visit.

Yes... I have a baby sister. She is 23. She is also... well let me just explain what happened.
My sister wanted to see the kids. I ignored her. I try not to let her around. Finally, she showed up. Yesterday. No warning. Wearing jeans. And makeup.
I graciously allowed her in my home. When Nataliegh went to make us lunch, she said "No way! Come on kids!" Before I could say a word she had loaded my kids up in her car and took off. I became frantic. My children have not been in a vehicle but a handful of times. Just as I started to contemplate calling the cops, they were back.
My daughters were wearing pants. They had Happy Meals in their hands. They were laughing and giggling.
I sent the girls to the kitchen, and told my sister the girls were not allowed fast food, and they certainly were not allowed to leave the house. I told her I am trying to shelter then from the world, and they may have seen a gay person. She laughed and told me that she... my dear sweet sister... is gay.
I made her leave. I told her she was no longer welcome in my home. I took the pants and threw them at her and proceeded to lock the door.
The girls read the Bible until bedtime. When they got up this morning, I made them believe yesterday was all a dream.
It was the worst day ever.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Prince Has Arrived!

Lori Alexander of Always Learning posted a blog about the new Prince. She said he garners more media than Jesus.
Lori we should celebrate the birth of all babies. When he gets old enough to understand the gospel we should pray he receives it. We should pray Jesus watches over him... and all babies! BabIes are a gift from God... the media should proclaim them all!
We should also remember Jesus each time a new baby arrives in this world.

Sunday, July 21, 2013


This was a hard post to name. I had an experience today that is difficult to process.
The girls stayed home while I went to run errands. I stopped to use the little girls room, and was shocked to find a MAN in the WOMEN'S room! He was changing his daughters diaper. I asked him why he was in the women's room and he told me the men's room does not have a changing table. I asked where his wife was, and he said he was a single dad.
I am still trying to process this. On the one hand, men should never be in the women's restroom. Never. However, this poor soul did not have a choice! His wife ran off to God knows where and now this poor man has to change his daughters diaper in the women's room.
Its confusing as well for that poor baby girl. Even if the men's room DID have a changing table, little girls should not be in the men's room.
Its that baby I feel sorry for. She hasn't got a mama to teach her right from wrong.
Later, while checking out, a handsome young man was in front of me in line buying tampons.
First of all, tampons are evil. Secondly, they are not enviornmentally friendly. Cloth pads are better. And lastly, why is a man buying women's products anyway??? This is scandelous! Men should not know about periods or what we use to keep them at bay! I prayed over him.
This is a strange world we live in. I am glad I protect my girls from The World.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Why my daughters don't go to school

My daughters do not go to Public School. There are horrible, Godless heathen children there and I do not want my babies around that.
My daughters do not home school either. There is no need for them to learn social studies or English. Children learn from the world around them. One of my daughters taught herself how to read.
My daughters don't need to be schooled because they will be keepers at home. They play with eachother. They don't go anywhere because they don't need to. I would not be the least bit surpised if they didn't know about the world outside our home... and that is the way I like it.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Baileigh is clingy.

Baileigh has become increasingly clingy lately. I need her to stop this behavior as it is not appropriate. She is not a baby.
What is the best way to train it out of her?

What a time!

For a few days I felt blah. My heart was racing. I was tired. In general I just felt OFF. My husband INSISTED that I see a doctor, knowing full well how I feel about them. He is the boss so I went.
The doctor said I had preeclampsia and I must bed rest until baby Matthew gets here.
I laughed at the doctor, went home and googled. Preeclampsia is merely high blood pressure! I told Troy I was not taking silly pills and I could handle blood pressure on my own.
Instead of pills, I am adding the following spices to our meals.
1. Garlic - Garlic contains allicin, a substance which has antibacterial, antioxidant, lipid lowering and anti-hypertension properties. In a pilot study made at Clinical Research Center of New Orleans on whether garlic could lower blood pressure, nine patients with severe hypertension were given a garlic preparation containing 1.3 % allicin. Sitting blood pressure fell with a significant decrease in diastolic blood pressure only five to 14 hours after the dose. Moreover, it was proven in a 2009 study that fresh garlic has more potent cardio-protective properties than processed garlic.
2. Cinnamon - Cinnamon not only prevents heart disease, it can also prevent diabetes. The Center for Applied Health Sciences in Ohio conducted a study of 22 subjects, half of which were given a 250mg of water soluble cinnamon daily while the other half were given placebo. It was discovered that those who drank cinnamon had a 13 to 23 percent increase in antioxidants connected with lowering blood sugar levels.
3. Onions - Onions contain quercetin, an antioxidant flavonol found to prevent heart disease and stroke. In a research study published in the Journal of Nutrition, subjects with hypertension experienced a decrease in their blood pressure by 7mmHg systolic and 5 mmHg diastolic as opposed to those who were taking placebo.
4. Olives - This herb is a significant part of the Mediterranean diet, recognized to be one of the healthiest in the world. Oil made from olives has been found to reduce blood pressure. In a study conducted on the importance of olive oil, Dr. L. Aldo Ferrara, Associate Professor at the Frederico II University of Naples in Italy discovered that the daily use of 40 grams of olive oil reduced the dosage of blood pressure medication in hypertensive patients by about 50 percent. Polyphenols in extra-virgin olive oil was credited for the significant reduction of blood pressure.
5. Oregano - This herb contains the compound carvacrol which has been proven to be effective against blood pressure. In a study conducted on animal subjects, by researchers from Eskisehir Osmangazi University in Turkey, carvacrol was found to reduce heart rate, mean arterial pressure as well as the systolic and diastolic blood pressures.
6. Hawthorn - This herb has been traditionally used to treat high blood pressure. In one study conducted in Reading, UK, 79 type-2 diabetic patients were randomized to receive 1200 mg of hawthorn extract while another group received medication for high blood pressure. Results revealed that patients taking hawthorn by the end of the 16th week showed a reduction in their mean diastolic pressure.
7. Cardamom- In one study published in the Indian Journal of Biochemistry and Biophysics, 20 subjects newly diagnosed with primary hypertension were administered 3 g of cardamom powder. After the end of the 3 months, all the subjects experienced feelings of well-being without any side effects. Moreover, the study was able to demonstrate that blood pressure was effectively reduced. It also improved antioxidant status while breaking down blood clots without significantly altering blood lipids and fibrinogen levels.
Now I don't have to worry, and I am protecting my girls and my husband!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The simple rules of modesty

My eldest daughter Nataleigh surprised me today. We were at a thrift store to buy the kiddos new shoes when Nattie says
"Mom, I want this."
It was a dress. It had no sleeves. It was sparkly.
"No!" I cried indignantly. "That is not modest!"
"What's wrong with it mama? Its so pretty!"
It attracts attention to your busom! I replied fervently. An elderly woman behind me laughed and said "That child ain't got boobs"
It doesn't matter. My daughter was not going to wear sparkles or sleeveless things because it attracts attention to her body. I don't want anyone looking at my baby with lust.
No pants. Long skirts only. Sleeves to her elbows. NO SPARKLES. No open toed shoes.
My daughter won't be a harlot.

A woman President

There has been talk lately of Hilary Clinton running for office in 2016.
Women shouldn't be presidents. That is too much power. If God wanted us to have a female president, wouldn't it have already happened?
If a woman becomes president, my family and I will hunker down in the basement as surely it will be the end of days.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Kaileigh will not be a doctor.

My middle daughter Kaileigh came to me this morning and said "I'm gonna be a doctor!" I was shocked at first. Then I started laughing.
"Kaileigh dear," I said. "You are going to be a wife and a mother. Girls can't be doctors. They have to make God happy and stay home. Your brother can be a doctor, but not you."
"But that's not fair!" She said.
"That's the way its done. Now go play with your sisters."
Amazing the ideas kids come up with.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Girls are not independant

A dear friend of mine told me her three month old daughter was incredibly independant. The thought made me laugh out loud.
It is in a girls nature to be submissive. After all, we were made to be man's helpmeet. If a female... especially a BABY is not submissive, her parents failed somewhere along the way and planted seeds of rebellion.
Girls dont really want to do it all. They are conditioned to believe they do.

Thursday, June 27, 2013


Nataleigh wants to be a mommy so bad. If it weren't for the fact that formula is really not good for babies, I would let her take care of her new baby brother.  She learns so quickly... she will be the best big sister ever.
Baileigh is still a little off about being a big sister but I know she will come around.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I won't see a doctor

I won't see a doctor during my pregnancy. I won't go to the hospital to deliver. I will be at home. My husband won't be there. The girls may be near to watch. But I will birth alone.
Our bodies are designed to handle childbirth. We don't need help. Do you think Eve had anyone around when she gave birth? I doubt it.
Think about it. If Eve can do it, so can we.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Every knee will bow

My bible says that EVERY knee will bow and EVERY tounge will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. That means Christians, athiests, muslims, buddists, and everyone of every religion or non religion. Sorry guys, that's just the way it is.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

That time of year!

A friend of mine and I were talking today. I mentioned I had the worst yeast infection of my life. She mentioned that at work she has noticed women buying yeast infection products like crazy.
Ladies, I know it hurts. I know it itches. But try to hold out a little. It will clear up on its own. If it isn't cleared up in two weeks, try natural cures. In all seriousness, medicine is bad for you. You only need natural herbs, and lots of prayer. Its only a yeast infection.


My sweet girls did the most amazing thing. They cleaned the house for me while I went grocery shopping! What a joy and a blessing it was to come home to a neat and tidy house! When Troy got home, I told him what had happened and he praised the girls for being who God intended them to be!

Saturday, June 22, 2013


My sweet girl Baileigh asked me today why I was having another baby. I sat her down and explained that babies are a gift from God, and we should be blessed by them.
"But I'm the baby Mommy" she said sweetly.
I explained she was a big girl now. She can walk and talk and do things for herself. She is not a baby. I also told her she could help her sisters take care of her new brother while Mommy was busy. She ran off to play with jer toys. I think this will be a beautiful thing.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Hello world

Hello world,
My name is Ashleigh. I am dipping my big toe into the world of blogging.
Life is all about God. Then my husband, Troy. Then my kiddos. There's Nataleigh, Kaileigh, and Baileigh. They are my pride and joy. Nataleigh is seven. She is smart as a whip. You don't have to teach her anything. She learns by watching. Kayleigh is five. She is my boogerbear. She is soooo funny and knows how to make mama laugh. Baileigh is 2 1/2. She is such a sweet little doll. Due December 2nd is our first boy, Matthew.
I stay at home with my darling babies. Nataleigh is anxiously awaiting Matthew's birth. She wants to play Mommy, which is great for me! I will have a little helper to change diapers, and entertain the baby while I clean. Of course, I will nurse, but Nataleigh can help with everything else. Kaileigh can help Natty some. It will be a beautiful thing watching my babies learn how to be mommas.
I sincerely hope you all will come by and see more.